17 Sleek Kitchen Storage Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Even when you have much storage in your kitchen, you may still find a lack of reposition space for your kitchenware. To create a clutter-free kitchen, everything must be kept organized. To solve your kitchen storage challenge, find out these six brilliant ideas you will love.


Make the most of your wall by installing pegboard and be amazed at how useful it can be. You can hang your utensils, pots, and pans aesthetically. Another great thing is, you can adjust or change it whenever you want.

Pastel pegboard looks to blend with pastel blue walls. This way you can organize your kitchen utensils neatly.
The plinth with brightly colored pots and pans steals the show in this eclectic kitchen. Moreover, you can immediately decorate the kitchen and look neat.
Gorgeous wooden pegboard with several open shelves. As seen in the picture, this pegboard does not only provide a place to organize kitchen utensils so that they are neat. But, it also provides the perfect kitchen decor.

Rod and S-Hooks

Instead of hiding your beautiful and unique mugs collection in the cabinets, why not letting them serve as kitchen accessories as well? Use a rod and s-hooks and hang your lovely mugs collection in an idle wall.

Build three sticks in the cupboard to make a place to hang your pretty mug with an S hook. Of course, it sits on top of your coffee table.
Making simple decorations with the hook and S rod can make your pretty mug look neat. These decorating ideas help your kitchen look less cluttered.
Pots and pans are very difficult to store in kitchen cabinets because of their odd size and weight. Add s-hooks to sturdy rods, overhead pot racks or even ladders to get pots and pans where you want them.
Since the counter space in this kitchen is limited, you may decide to install spatulas, spices & cooking utensils on the wall.

Magnetic Rack

Besides the pegboard, another way to utilize your empty wall is by creating a magnetic rack. This one will give you easy access to grab your small utensils. Stick your knives, utensils set, magnetic jars where you can keep your spices, and magnetic hooks to hang your small towel.

Simple but elegant with magnetic bar for knives. Glue the magnetic bar to the backsplash with super glue. Then, you can easily adjust your knife to make it look neat.
Build magnetic storage under the open shelves of your kitchen. This is useful for organizing your knife neatly and saving space.

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Around Windows

Make use of unnoticeable space around your windows. Try installing open shelves above or in front of your windows for the utmost kitchen storage solution. If your windows are quite unreachable, stack kitchenware that doesn’t do often chores for you.

uSave it above the window. Floating shelves are built along the windows to create extra storage. It can be used to put some creative decorations too.
If your wall space is already full of shelves, shelves, and rails, look out the window. Attaching several rails on top, with hooks for hanging pans, will create a lot of extra storage.

Drawers for Kitchen Island

Select a kitchen island that features drawers for extra storage space where you can keep almost everything you need during cooking activities. Or, you can also use your old drawers that will suit as your kitchen island.

Many drawers on a kitchen island are the best idea. It provides plenty of storage for collecting kitchen utensils. As a result, the kitchen is clean and tidy.
Contemporary kitchen island with granite top and lots of drawers. There’s no more excuse that you don’t have enough compartments to neatly organize your cooking utensils.
A compact kitchen island with an amazing butcher top and dark base. The island also comes with tons of storage options, including drawers with neat accents with dark layered pulls.
A kitchen island furnished with a granite top and natural grained wood base. You’ll also find several drawers below for cutlery, utensils and other kitchen utensils.

Glass Shelving

Take advantage of empty small space under your cabinet or above your backsplash. The glass materials offer you a clear and clean look for extra shelving. You can place glasses and teacups in it.

Not only does it provide extra storage but also provides a clear window view. This glass shelf right in front of the window gives you extra storage to display multiple plates.
Choosing glass over wood or metal for shelves also maximizes space and light. Create the illusion of a wider kitchen. The glass will also reflect and reinforce any color or pattern that covers the wall or surface.

Having an organized kitchen makes cooking chores a whole lot easier. But when your kitchen storage can’t handle all your kitchenware and utensils, then you need additional storing. With the ideas above, you can easily solve the issue and even make your cooking place prettier.

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