17 On a Budget Bohemian Design Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

It is absolutely true that bohemian give another side of home decor which tends to be unique, natural, and peaceful. The artistic value it brings is really hypnotizing. Sometimes, people say it is interesting and enchanting. Generally, boho offers a light ambiance for a white color scheme. But, it is possible to be extraordinary by mix and match some colors to make a festive look. Moreover, pattern, texture, and furniture will combine together and make an enjoyable ambiance for your home.

If you want to bring this festive look for your home, your living room is the right room to apply it. As the room to gather around and do lots of activities, we must decorate it as well as possible and keep it enjoyable all the time. The following gallery presents you with some examples of gorgeous boho chic decor that you can copy. Get the one which inspires you and makes your living room more beautiful.

This compact living room is so stylish, thanks to its eye-catching cushions and floral art print gallery.
From plentiful throw pillows to eye-catching mixes of wall art, the bohemian decor in this living room is never short of.
Light curtains with pom-pom trim, colorful patterned cushions and illustrated rugs add a boho feel to this living room.
With a luscious soft color caressing the lilac on the pillow. The gallery walls, glamor coffee table and rattan chairs bring out the beauty of the room.
Comfy vintage sofas, a wild mix of cushions, and clustered baskets provide a relaxed atmosphere in this welcoming interior.
The splashy statement artwork adds a zip to a more restrained black-and-white color palette. The collection of soft cushions, sloping stairs, and modern sofas is a facet of sophistication and carelessness.
Plants not only bring green life to a place, but also make you happy and improve the air quality in your home. For a dynamic feel, vary the sizes and shapes.
White paint and wooden floors complete with carpets will add a cozy feel to a bohemian living room. some greenery was added to complete the boho look into the room.
A few greenery will complement this bohemian living room decor. In white, a wooden table and a few other settings will complete the décor.
This is one of the basic white and black boho living room designs which is great. It brings a natural look from eclectic earthy furniture. Then, the geometric rug makes a statement to this living room.
A cozy atmosphere is created from the white wood floors and white walls. A white sofa complete with beautiful tribal patterned cushions, a runner carpet and a few potted plants will add to the freshness of the room.
This boho living room looks really attractive by adding a string of lights. With a creamy white color scheme and a navy sofa, make your boho living room even more perfect.
Bohemian style retains many accessories and decorative items to create a unique and colorful atmosphere in this living room. Tosca walpaper and wooden floor complete with carpet make a matching look in the living room.
Freshness is the focal point of this living room. Greens and decorative lighting make for a beautiful dramatic display.
Create a shady spot on the sofa to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Poufs, rugs, and greenery are complements to make a great boho look.
This boho living room uses white and wooden floors. A few greenery, swings, carpets, and other ornaments create a stylish look.
You can add a comfortable sofa and backrest to your boho living room. Decorative rugs and lots of greenery will turn your living room into a space that appeals to everyone.

A bohemian living room usually looks bright in white. To keep your white wall great, put some decorative elements like wall frames or artworks. But, it is possible for you to have other wall paint, like navy, turquoise, or both. Applying wallpaper sounds a good idea as well. Choose the one matches to your living room decor to enhance the whole look. Also, sofa or chairs are the focal points of a living room. You can opt neutral-colored sofa. Then, make it comfy with some festive patterned throw pillows.

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In addition, a rug becomes one of the characteristics of boho decor. A geometrical, furry, or Moroccan rug offers a perfect boho living room. Furthermore, add some artistic boho elements to create a uniqueness to your living room. For example, poufs, a unique coffee table, macrame, dream catcher, swing, and etc. Don’t forget to bring greenery in to freshen up the ambiance. Besides, having decorative lightings seems to be the creative way to make a gorgeous boho living room.


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