12 Charming Spring Centerpiece Design Decorations

A centerpiece you put in your décor needs to be seasonally appropriate. For example, since spring is the season of flowers, the centerpiece of this season should mostly include flowers, plants, or the vases. Moreover, spring also brings a lighter and brighter atmosphere in contrast to the dark and gloomy winter. 

Therefore, the spring centerpiece design you plan needs to reflect all these unique seasonal characters. Don’t think too much, make it simple, and you can also follow these decoration ideas for spring centerpiece below.

1. Painted Mason Jars

Several rows of wooden colored mason jars filled with assorted fresh spring flowers would be a great item in your spring centerpiece design. It is rustic, chic, and beautiful. You can also make it yourself easily. To complement the mason jars, pick several branches full of pink cherry blossoms. Together, they will look very pretty and deserve to be the centerpiece in your house. Make sure to provide water in a bucket to put the flowers immediately after you cut them.

Using a jar to create your centerpiece is a smart idea. You can paint it salted egg color and place it on the table to make it look more attractive.
A blue jar filled with ester flowers complete with butterfly accents on the table will make a simple yet gorgeous mid-spring decor.
You should also spray the jar with a matte sealer with a clear layer after you finish sanding. This will give the jar a protective coating and prevent the paint from peeling off.
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It’s a little tricky to make it smooth so it may take some getting used to and making the perfect opaque jar.

2. Drawer Centerpiece

This item is creative, original, and most importantly, cheap. Find a used or an old drawer from your cabinet. You can repurpose them as a flower holder. It is very simple; you can repaint it if you want with pop up colors. Then, fill it up with dirt and soil. Lastly, put some of your favorite flowers inside it. This idea can branch to some more item, for example, you can use the repainted old drawer to the mason jars above. 

Using used drawers as centerpieces is an interesting idea. Color the drawers white for a different look. Then you can fill it with colorful flowers to make it look pretty.
We recommend that you use an unused drawer as the center of the table. You can paint the wood for a natural color. Add some flower arrangements for a pretty look.
You can use old drawers to decorate a spring table. Try using them as centerpieces to give them a classic and fresh feel.
Filling used drawers with flowers to decorate your springs will become a centerpiece so that it will beautify your décor and look very attractive.

3. Floral Chandelier

Don’t limit yourself with centerpieces on top of the table. A centerpiece can also be something hanged, like this floral chandelier. Like the two items above, you can easily make this yourself. You only need a metal ring, thread, and long floral stems. Don’t forget to pick the flowers that match your room’s hues.

Colorful floral chandeliers for your spring decorations will be the perfect idea. It will be a centerpiece that can inspire everyone who sees it.
The hanging centerpiece will give you a unique attraction and make your spring different from the rest. You can make a floral chandelier that is hung right above the table so it looks perfect.
Decorative centerpiece lamps by adding flower arrangements will provide the perfect decoration. You can try this to improve the appearance of your room.
To perfect your spring decor you can make a DIY flower chandelier so that it will give a special appeal and will become a perfect point.

Spring is coming, and it is time to prepare these charming spring centerpiece design decorations at your home.

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