15 Dazzling Ideas: Create Your Own Outdoor Decoration Cement Patio

From dazzling pathways, a magical fountain, comfy swing, to pretty planters, all those can add beauty to your outdoor space. If you are looking for some outdoor decoration ideas, consider having cement patio decorations for its low price and versatile, simple texture.

In addition, concrete décor is also a lifetime investment no matter what the weather is, making it more than just a classic pale gray. Read on to see our favorite collection of cement patio decoration that will stun every eye seeing it.

Concrete Fire-Pit and Bench

Hanging out in a beautiful outdoor space and spending time with the loved ones will surely create happy memories. To bring that intimate image, build a round concrete bench in a contemporary design.

In the center of the circle cement patio seating, set up a circular fire-pit. They will give you a warm, comfortable gathering point. You can also add some colorful throw pillows for the utmost enjoyment.

The simplicity of this Asian-inspired design helps create a serene atmosphere on the deck. The fire pit is surrounded by comfortable comfortable seating and a unique privacy wall.
When choosing an outdoor fire pit, look for heavier materials such as by choosing concrete. And you have to cover your fire pits when not in use.
An ipe wood top that can be added to turn it into a table when the fire goes out. The concrete bench and polished ipe mimic the design of the feature, bringing the space together.
A white stucco firepit sits adjacent to this outdoor kitchen, giving the backyard the easy flow you would normally experience at home.

Cement Water Fountain

Hearing the sound of splashing water gives a sense of relaxing and calming to your area. You sure won’t refuse that, will you? To steal the refreshing vibe, make sure that your outdoor area features a concrete water fountain.

There are several striking designs you can create yourself. One example is three oval planters in different sizes arranged vertically. Place the biggest bowl in the bottom and add electric pump on the top.

Have an old globe lying around? Just coat it with cement and you’re set with the perfect base for this savory round water feature.
This simple and calming fountain is made of molded cement, which is never enough for a bird
One of the simplest and most affordable backyard water features is a bird bath. Without an expensive pump, filter, or installation, a bird bath is an inexpensive way to add a water feature to your outdoor living room.
Outdoor water features with lights provide a more intimate atmosphere in your backyard day or night. Consider adding a low wattage wash light around the waterfall or fountain to accentuate the water surface for a reflective effect.

Concrete Statues

Elevate the value of your paved outdoor with the presence of cement statues between your seating. If you want something cute to liven up your patio, adding little dwarfs, colorful mushrooms, to animals like panda, rabbit, and skunk is a great way to do.

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However, if you wish to lift the elegance of your terrace, try woman statue, weathered angel, fairies, or Nordic Venus. Meanwhile, black cement sphere and concrete abstract sculpture will feed your contemporary side.

A beautiful statue helps define a fountain or small pond.
Often used at driveway or home entrances, lion statues add a surprising element to informal gardens.
Believe it or not, this incredible Italian inspired park is located in Seattle. Statue of St. Francis stood amidst beautiful greenery.
Centered in an English garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden, this urn adds to the formal feel of its design.
Even though they look like solid stone, the jars and columns are made of a mixture of crushed stone and resin to make them durable.

Concrete Fish Pond

Whether you have a spacious patio or a narrow one, it is always possible to add little fish pond at your porch. Similar to the fountain, a fish pound can also infuse a refreshing and calming mood to your patio.

For the residents, fill your concrete pond with goldfish, koi carp, golden orfe, Siamese algae eater, and red shiners.

Modern water feature of molded and dyed concrete. Their rock collection covered the bottom.
pond with waterfall feature
This contemporary small courtyard in San Francisco features a concrete basin of water flowing into a rectangular koi pond.

Make the most of your terrace with the presence of cement patio decorations. Moreover, you can keep the drab gray color of the concrete or paint them in cheerful color to cheer up your paved outdoor area. 


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