Home Security Cameras – Are You Installing Them at The Right Position?

Did you know that amongst the other reasons, break-ins are the major property concerns in America? Undoubtedly, one would prioritize safety and security above all else. That’s how smart locks, security cameras, and other security automation tools came into existence. 

And with the advent of the latest technologies and connected devices, one can easily monitor their home from literally anywhere. Having said that, when it comes to home security cameras, the purpose is not only for safeguarding your home against intruders. The same technology allows you to monitor your home if you have children or pets at home. 

So, you can act smart and hide your system to avoid anyone disabling them (although that’s not possible with wireless systems taking control). But that also doesn’t mean you can just put them anywhere you like. 

Keep reading, and you’ll learn about the best position of placing your cameras. 

Home Security Camera- Where to Install Them?

Ideally, experts suggest going for the front door, first-floor window, and back door amongst the most critical points to install a security system. Once you cover the key locations, you can move on to the interiors. 

For instance, if you want to protect your valuables from intruders, you can consider installing one on the stairway leading to the basement. Further, experts often request their clients to install the best home security camera system that allows them to monitor their home using a smartphone. Other than that, you can also hide the network in plain sight. For instance, you can hide your system within fake rocks, birdhouses, or even lawn decors. 

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Guidelines to Installing The Security System (Outside)

  • You must never install a camera at a lesser height than 10 feet from the ground. This is an ideal position where you can easily view the area without worrying about vandals or thieves disabling the system.
  • Make sure that your security system is not installed directly under the sun. It will cause a glare, and you won’t be able to tell what’s going on. 
  • Decide whether you want to place your camera in disguise or not. If you are placing it on the outside, make sure to safeguard them from different weather conditions. 

Guidelines to Installing The Security System (Inside)

  • Keep your camera in the corner of the room for the maximum surface area.
  • If you are pointing it towards the window, it might cause glare, or other effects might cause blurry footage. 
  • Make sure the angle of the camera isn’t towards the direct light source. 

Wrapping up

With so much happening in life, from coronavirus to job losses, none of us want to add additional stress to our minds. That’s why installing a tech-enabled security system is becoming the need of the hour. 

Not only businesses but even homeowners benefit a lot from its multitude of benefits. It helps you safeguard your family and home, especially when you are busy making your business or career success. Let’s be honest installing these tools is more a necessity than a luxury now. So, did you install yours? If not, the time is now! 


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