15 Beautiful Remodel Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is one of the places where we spend our time the most in our home. It would be safe to say that we want this space to be more enjoyable as we spend time here.

Sometimes, we need to remodel our old kitchen to have a fresher look, regardless of the kitchen size at home. So, here are some tips that you can use to make a beautiful kitchen.

Mix Different Tones

When you remodel your kitchen, you have the chance to play with colors. For example, you can choose blue as your basic tone. From there, opt for rich navy, gray, and cobalt tones for the wall, furniture, and tiles.

Pale yellow with frosted doors paired with a gray counterpart at the other end of the kitchen, it’s a light and welcoming presence.
Cream and olive green can create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. Just look at the amazing combination in this light and bright kitchen.
Create contrasting tones with a choice of different color schemes. The gray bacsplash tile contrasts sharply with the navy cabinet. It’s the perfect way to get an eye-catching kitchen decor.
The cabinets are lined with dark blue paint which contrasts with the grayish tones of the surrounding walls. When pairing navy, choose a backsplash with a geometric pattern so it doesn’t look boring.

Create a Pattern with Backsplash

Try a beautiful pattern like hexagonal for your backsplash to create a unique and chick pattern. You don’t have to fully cover the walls.

Hexagon pattern backsplash tile creates an awesome look, as a result. The simple and elegant both shown with a simple pattern.
This unique patterned kitchen backsplash tile provides the perfect decoration. Best of all, it creates a simple, textural decor in the backsplash area.
Like most metallic backsplashes, this looks great with stainless steel fittings, but also allows for a detailed countertop.
Overall, the patterned backsplash making your background a focal point is a great way to add interest to a bland kitchen design, so it’s perfect if you want simple furniture and appliances.

Add Greenery

Kitchen is a good place to keep some mini plant collection in a glass cabinet. Start with plant herbs as they are useful. You can even take the fresh herbs to your cooking. It will also save money while making the kitchen look more beautiful.

Place some greenery on top of the cabinet for a touch of natural green. This white wall paint can show the contrast of green.
Choose herbs to decorate the kitchen with green plants. You can build a shelf right by the window to show your herbs and liven up them with ample sunlight.
This modern, eco-friendly eclectic kitchen has a shelf filled with plants to freshen the air in the room as well as the view.

Keep It Unfinished

By exposing brick walls, you can add the undone and laid back vibe to your kitchen. Let the original details reveal without you have to cover up.

Expose a brick wall in an open small kitchen. The choice of rustic nuances in your modern kitchen can be combined with stainless steel furniture so there are not too many distractions.
Compare brick walls with sleek white kitchen cabinets for a rustic feel in an elegant way. Glue shelves and decorative wall art make the walls look perfect.

Go Big with Open Shelves

With open shelves, you can stack up against your plates and add some more items to bring your personality to the kitchen. Have some framed photos, candles, and even artwork. If you are into retro, add retro appliances to bring colors in the kitchen.

Glass open shelves in this retro kitchen space. The design is simple but gives you the gist of decor too. It can be used to show something off or just decorative and add wall art for an eye-catching look.
Open shelving from wooden blocks in your traditional kitchen gives you extra space to decorate something or just want to display what you want. These decorations can help you make it happen.

Sometimes, you just need a simple remodel to your kitchen, depending on the looks that you want to achieve. With the beautiful kitchen, hopefully, you will have more ideas to create an awesome dish.

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