Ensuring Toddler Safety In The House: 5 Checks You Should Do

Now that your little baby has grown a bit, it can be a challenge to keep him or her restrained in a single place. Toddlerhood is all about seeking new challenges and exploring new places around the house. In some cases, it may lead to a few falls and accidents here and there. Like everyone else, we understand that you would want your child to stay safe and unharmed. Thus, this article is all about the checks that you should do around home to ensure that the apple of your eye can play and run safely.

  1. Furniture Corners
    These are one of the most accident-prone causes for any running child. Most of the time, everyday furniture like dining sets and coffee tables have edged corners that can cause scratches and cuts. You can put rounded corners on them so that they do not prick. Also, as this is the stage in their lives where children are discovering new things, they may want to pull what they can. Therefore, you need to make sure that whatever furniture pieces you have around in the house are quite sturdy and do not topple easily to knock over or tip.
  2. Open Plug Points
    Children find it very fascinating to see what happens inside holes that are ingrained inside the walls. As you may know, loose electrical plug points are responsible for most of the household electrocutions, and this one may leave your baby in shock, quite literally. Thus, ensure that they are covered with switch guards, and point covers. You can also consider installing safety switches for extra protection.
  3. Cables and Railings
    Children falling over railings can be pretty hazardous no matter what the height is. Hence, you need to make sure that you have tight cable railings so that it can take on all the leaning weight. Generally, as a rule of thumb, a properly installed cable system should not sag, buckle or warp. Thus, with a high-quality post and cable system, you can be assured that your child will be secure against the railings.
  4. Door and Stove Barriers
    A young child’s curious mind may take him or her to places where you may not even imagine. For example, how many times have you found your toddler trying to find something in the kitchen in a dangerous way? Mostly, it is the house area that is always bustling and there is always some cooking taking place in the background. Your child is always at a risk of tumbling pots and pans or putting a hand into something extremely hot in an oven. Hence, you should get a door or stove barrier that will keep them away from harm’s way and any possible burn injuries.
  5. Fastenings on Cabinets and Latches
    Lastly but importantly, in their quest for discoveries, while opening and shutting cabinets and drawers, children sometimes let their fingers bear the brunt of getting smashed. Now it could be very painful, to say the least. That is why to save your little one from all the tears and howling, you should get fastening locks on cabinets and drawers. If possible, you should also go in for novel doorknobs and latches which come across tricky for them to open up on their own.

    Childhood is never without its own share of accidents no matter how hard you may try. Still, it is important to prevent the ones that you can. We hope that this piece of content proves to be of some help to you.
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