Cool and Classy Bars Idea for Small Kitchen

You need to think not only about how to make your kitchen functional but also a pleasant place to be in. You may consider bars idea to incorporate into your design plans, such as a breakfast bar or a multi-function cocktail bar, in any shape that accommodate your needs.

Design planning for a small kitchen is important because the place turned out to be the main focal point where some friends and families gather. 

1. Simple Wooden Breakfast Bar

A wooden block is the most popular choice to design a trendy breakfast bar. Even a small square wooden block is enough for saving spaces and giving an intimate ambiance. This block also fits with any bar stools that you have.

A high chair that is paired with a log can be used to decorate your kitchen. Because decoration ideas like this will make your kitchen more elegant and will make it easier for you to eat in the morning. Completing the look with modern furniture will create the perfect space and have an attractive space. This black and white room makes for a stylish bedroom decoration. Wooden bar furniture from decoist.

Using a wooden breakfast bar in your kitchen is a great idea. Creating a small bar will save space in your kitchen so that it looks attractive. Even a small square wooden block is enough to save space and provide an intimate atmosphere. This wooden high chair complements the cozy and inviting decor of the room. The chandelier above this small bar makes for a dramatic decoration of the room. Wooden breakfast bar from decoist.

2. Double Function Countertop

You can modify even a small countertop to be double function. By adding just two or three stools, you can use it for doing the cooking prep and also for breakfast. For an elegant touch, pendant lamps will highlight this bar style.

We recommend that you provide a seat near the kitchen table bar. This kitchen chair will double your kitchen countertop. Besides that, it will make it easier for you to prepare food easily if the kitchen is equipped with a small bar in the corner. Combining with large windows will create a spacious and bright area. Ceiling lights will provide the perfect illumination. Double function countertop from hgtv.

To make a small kitchen bar that doubles for cooking and can be used for eating, you can provide two wooden chairs in the corner of the table. Combining wood and marble countertops will create an elegant room decor in a classic style. The white nuance and wooden floor provide the perfect contrast to this kitchen. The lantern chandeliers also provide dramatic lighting. Wood and marble countertops from hgtv.

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3. Bright Color Kitchen Bar

The bright color on kitchen bars creates a crisp look of the modern bistro style. It will be the center of attention in the small square room.

Talk about bright color, the choice of orange or yellow will shine the bar throughout the room. For stools to accompany your colorful bar, earthy wooden stools are just right. But if you want a futuristic look, try acrylic chairs.

Combining a red bar and an iron bar bench is a smart idea. With this combination, you will have a kitchen with a beautiful appearance. Completed with glossy red cabinets and white tones, the room will provide the perfect contrast. With decorations like this you will have an attractive focal point for the room and will steal the attention of every guest who comes to your house. Red bar and iron bar bench from bhg.

A touch of bright colors in the kitchen with the provision of wooden chairs and yellow bars will further strengthen the modern style of your kitchen. This way it will give the room a bright and inviting décor. Adding a metal pendant lamp will provide the perfect lighting and make for an attractive decoration. Sunflowers in a vase also balance out the décor. Yellow bars from trendir.

4. Wall-fixed table

An amazing breakfast bar idea for a small kitchen is a wall-mounted table. This design will help you maximize space into the narrowest space. Choose the most commonly used square table or the curved edge table with semi-circular shape.

Having a small kitchen, you can add a wall-mounted bar to save space so as not to take up too much space in your kitchen. Complementing the look of the bar with tall wooden stools and greenery in a vase also brings fresh air into the room to make for an attractive kitchen décor. The white nuance and ceramic tiles equipped with this rug runner make the room comfortable. Small wall-mounted bar from digsdigs.

This interesting bar on the wall by the window is perfect for your use. Besides being able to save space, you will have a bright room with sunlight entering the room. Combined with the chandelier above the bar will focus your meal. The wooden bar equipped with high stool will give you a cozy and inviting feeling. Shades of white and ceramic tiles complement this small kitchen decor. Wooden floating bar from digsdigs.

Use these wall-mounted slats and will help you make space in a small kitchen. You can use granite countertops and wooden benches for an elegant design. You can add a contemporary style wall lamp on top of this bar for the perfect lighting. Pairing with patterned tiles and gray walls will create a beautiful, well-designed space. Wall-mounted slats bar from digsdigs.

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5. On a Roll Cocktail Bar

Create a cocktail bar from a cabinet on wheels for flexibility in a small kitchen. When you need extra room to do the daily routine, you can simply move it out of the way. You can also organize your glassware and bottles inside the cabinet. It will turn your bar into something special to treat your special guests.

A small trunk made of wood and metal with a wheel underneath is perfect for your use. However, don’t forget to add a wicker basket to make it easier for you to store your items. You can also add several book collections to this bar for a neat and attractive room design. With this bar, it will be easier for you to move anywhere. Equipped with storage, it will make it easier for you to store items. White roll cocktail bar from apartmenttherapy.

So, either you need more surfaces to work in the kitchen or just a sociable spot to sit, these bar ideas will enliven your small kitchen.


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