Quirky and Fun Ideas for Eye-Catching Lawn Decoration

Besides your private bedroom, you can also showcase your personality through your lawn; the very first place people will notice when walking into your house. While you wish to add spices to your garden, the ideas offered out there are mostly limited to pretty and dreamy ornaments which is something you are not looking for.

To feed your unique and eclectic side; these quirky and fun lawn decoration ideas will suit you perfectly.

Dog Statue

This super cute sculpture is looking so real that it might trick your neighbors. The hilarious statue imitates a cute small dog on the lawn. So, you can see the whole part of its body on the lawn in all forms and mannerisms.

You should try this garden decoration idea because it attracts the attention of those who see it, this cute dog statue that is placed in front of a plant pot made of cement is a unique decorative item. The size that is similar to the original will deceive your guests who see it. The position of the dog that sits as if it warmly welcomes your guests and relatives. The maintenance of this statue is quite easy and can be used for a long time. A dog statue made of cement from popscreen.

Not only for decoration, you can also use this cute dog statue as a pot to plant thriving ferns. This statue pot is quite easy to make, you just have to make a hole in the back of this cute dog statue, you can easily add planting media for your favorite plants. This position makes your cute dog statue like he is carrying a plant on his back. You can put a lawn area that is often visited by people. Statue of a dog as a potted plant from loveproperty.

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Place scarecrow as your lawn decoration. Even if your outdoor space is not a paddy field, it sure can elevate a mysterious side of your front yard. Besides serving you as a quirky addition, it can cast out intrusive crones as well.

If you have used clothes that are no longer used, don’t rush to throw them away. You can use it to make a scarecrow in your flower garden. That way you can make your garden more attractive and unique. Using a coat as a body covering on a scarecrow mascot and a knit scarf to cover the exposed neckline. For the head, you can use a pumpkin that resembles your face, and also equip your scarecrow with a hat to avoid the heat of the sun. Scarecrow mascot from diynetwork.

The unique thing that you can try this time for decorating your backyard is making a scarecrow complete with boots so that it will look more real. You can use old denim pants and they are still in good condition. By installing a scarecrow in your backyard, the good thing you can get is to secure green plants or grass from pests that cause death or wither. Scarecrow frame from hgtv.

It’s not enough just to make one scarecrow, you can also create a scarecrow family consisting of father, mother, and child. This time, the scarecrow uses dry straw as the main ingredient. Besides being easy to get, this dry straw can also save you money. Line up these scarecrow families and make a smiling face on the head of your scarecrow pumpkin so that it reflects a happy family. The scarecrow family from thespruce.

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Elephant Water Fountain

If you wish to spray water your front yard or the pool in a fun way, this elephant water fountain is what you are looking for. Besides watering your plantation, this adorable sculpture is an eye-catching piece, infusing a safari vibe to your lawn decoration.

Present a beautiful work on the edge of your pool by adding an elephant water fountain. The statue of an elephant sitting with water coming out of its trunk will create a splash of water which makes you more relaxed when listening to it. Paint using copper color to make it look more luxurious and vintage. Don’t just use one elephant water fountain, you can use two or more elephant water fountains to make your pool beautiful and charming. Copper color elephant water fountain from designingidea.

Elephant water fountain yang berada di tengah kolam pada halaman rumah anda akan lebih menjadi pusat perhatian jika memiliki ukuran yang sedikit lebih besar. Dengan ukurannya yang sedikit lebih besar dan memiliki warna yang ceria akan menghadirkan kesan tersendiri ketika melihatnya. Warna cerah dan ceria ini membuat elephant water fountain terlihat lucu dan menggemaskan. Big elephant water fountain from thesmartlocal.

You can also present the elephant water fountain with a slightly different shape. Putting the elephant water fountain in a standing position with only his two feet will certainly make it look like an attraction at a show. The pool in the middle of the garden behind your house will be an interesting show to be enjoyed on the patio decorations that have been provided. The expanse of grass becomes a refreshing sight for the eyes. Elephant standing water fountain from veranda.

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Creative Mailbox

Since your mailbox is always in the front yard, picking one design that insanely unusual is a great way to show the world that you are nothing but ordinary. Try this metal sculptural elf inspired, with a mailbox looking like being stuck among its whimsical branches.

Make the appearance of the mailbox on the front page of your house more artistic with the form of a flying dragon like the one in fantasy movies. You can make this dragon-shaped mailbox using metal coated with copper paint for a more dramatic and vintage look. In addition, the materials used are also sturdier and not easily porous when you get different weather changes. Dragon metal mailbox from digsdigs.

Pour your creativity to create mailbox ideas with extraordinary artistic value. For example, by using a hard tree branch that is used to place your mailbox. Mailbox with copper material will make the appearance more charming and luxurious. This combination of wood and copper metal elements makes for the perfect finish to your mailbox. Glossy copper mailbox from digsdigs.

Instead of decorating your front yard commonly, placing funny and quirky items is a better way to make everything appear more eye-catching. Try one of the ideas above for special lawn decoration.


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