Easy Decorating Tips to Create a Farmhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of a home. And for those who want to make others feel welcome at this space, there’s no better choice than a farmhouse style. So, if you have been thinking about creating a farmhouse kitchen, read on to learn more about the details you need to include to draw up that look.

1. Choose Neutral Colors

If you’re looking for farmhouse kitchen design ideas, start by choosing the right color theme. A farmhouse kitchen usually looks bright, airy, and light. So, you must keep that sense by applying neutral colors as the basis of your decor plan. For instance, go for lighter tones of gray and white for your backsplash and cabinets.

This farmhouse kitchen decoration with white shades gives the impression of a wider and cleaner room, besides that white is also one of the favorite colors because it will be easier to combine with other colored interiors around it. This purple flower blooms into a more contrasting room decoration and gives a fresh and colorful appearance. White farmhouse kitchen with purple flower decoration from countryliving.

The combination of white and gray in this farmhouse kitchen decor will blend perfectly when combined in one room. Cover the wooden floor with a striped rug that is not too big to add another color so it doesn’t get boring easily when used for cooking. Several white open shelves in this room become an area to put Chinese antique plates which are dominated by blue. Combination of gray with white farmhouse kitchen from countryliving.

2. Invest in Wooden Furniture

Adding some natural materials are also an essential part of farmhouse decor. Of course, woods are the perfect option for your countertops and kitchen furniture. Therefore, pick wooden furniture that has a warmer contrast, which can keep your space looking lively.

This dining table made of reclaimed wood is one of the suitable furniture for farmhouse kitchen decoration ideas. Leave this dining table in its original color without repainting it with a bright color because this will spoil the atmosphere of the farmhouse kitchen which always appears in neutral colors. Shiplap walls and floating shelves made of wood are also the perfect combination that you can use together. Reclaimed wood dining table from countryliving.

Start building a farmhouse kitchen decoration with several interiors made of wood, for example, you can start from the floor, kitchen island and several large kitchen cabinets. Use wood that has the same color and texture so that it can blend more perfectly. Glass globe lights are lighting that you can use to illuminate the kitchen at night. Farmhouse kitchen interior and furniture from countryliving.

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3. Add Some Antique Elements

Next, round out your kitchen by implementing some antique elements in your ornaments or lighting. However, make sure to use these elements sparingly, as working too many runs the risk of making the kitchen seem a bit dated. Maybe, you can hang an antique clock as a great focal point in the kitchen.

So that all your baking equipment is safer and protected from dust, you can put it in an antique wooden cupboard that has a shabby yellow color. This vintage cake cupboard is suitable for farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas who want to look more simple without being overwhelming, close the cupboard door again when finished when using it. Vintage wooden cake cabinet from countryliving.

To perfect your kitchen farmhouse decoration, the use of antique metal lamps is the finishing touch that you can do easily and of course save more expenses. This vintage lamp is the main lighting that you can use when the atmosphere in the kitchen is getting dark, hang this lamp right above the kitchen island. Vintage metal lamp from countryliving.

4. Jazz It Up with Hardwood Floors

Use hardwood floors to enhance your farmhouse kitchen look. Aside from making the kitchen look more refreshing, it also gives a warmer impression to the room. 

Hardwood floors have anti-rust materials, are sleek and are more suitable to be applied to modern farmhouse kitchen decorations. This wooden kitchen cabinet that has a pale organic color will look more charming and classy, a warm and comfortable impression is really presented in your current farmhouse kitchen style. Instead of using walls with transparent glass windows that are wide enough to maximize sunlight entering the room, sunlight also helps the wooden interior in the kitchen to become more sturdy and not easily rotten. Hardwood floor anti-rust from hgtv.

This white farmhouse kitchen decoration makes the kitchen look more aesthetic, open and bright. You can combine it with wood floors that have a lighter color texture. Don’t forget to coat this wooden floor with a striped rug that has a combination of gray and blue so it looks more striking and still beautiful. Wooden floor covered with striped rug from hgtv.

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5. Opt for Open Shelving

Another great way to emerge your kitchen into a farmhouse style is by performing open-shelving. It looks raw and very real. On the other hand, you can also show off some of your decorative bowls or plates.

One of the advantages of using open wooden shelves is that you can store kitchen utensils easily, besides that some plates and glasses placed in this shelf area will become vintage wall decorations that match your farmhouse kitchen decor. Use a shelf made of teak wood to make it more sturdy and strong in use for a long time. Teak wood open wood shelf from hgtv.

Match and match the color of your open shelving with the walls of the farmhouse kitchen so that it can blend in more perfectly. This shelf will store more kitchen utensils in a neat and orderly manner so that it can be used as much as possible. White is also one of the favorite colors that will make the room feel more spacious and spacious. Match the color of your open shelving with the walls of the kitchen from hgtv.

The farmhouse kitchen gives you many options to add other styles to it. So, feel free to mix and match every detail for creating a more beautiful and warmer kitchen look.


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