Proper Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas

Drinking coffee becomes a habit nowadays. Even more, some people can’t start their days when they haven’t got their coffee in the morning. That is why providing a coffee station even if it is only a small one is really recommended for you. In this case, providing it in the kitchen could be the best choice for you as you can prepare your breakfast at the same spot. Here, you can make your kitchen decoration even more perfect. Anyway, from all the proper styles that you can bring into your kitchens there are two basic styles which are the farmhouse if you want to bring the old thing and the modern in case you like simplicity.

Farmhouse Style

As it is mentioned before, the farmhouse style brings the old touches into the decoration. It will be matched well for you who want to have a warm and welcoming atmosphere especially when you have the farmhouse kitchen design as well. Imagine that you can get a nostalgic feeling while you are making your coffee which is really recommended for you who need something calming. Here are some proper farmhouse coffee stations that you can have.

Adding a coffee station in this farmhouse-style house would make the perfect decor for you to try. Using a pressed wood table equipped with storage underneath will make it easier for you to store various mugs and trays with ease. Keep things simple and you’re sure to love this coffee shop for years to come. Coffee station farmhouse style from homebnc.

A simple and plain white dressing table is enough to be the foundation of your family’s coffee center. With plenty of storage drawers, this vanity is the perfect place to put your cup, beer, and cream, and sugar trays. Adding this art wall hanging will make it look attractive and look more stylish. White dressing table Coffee station from homebnc.

Turn old side table cabinets into the coffee shop you’ve always wanted. The cupboard is sure to hold all the essentials you need to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy the vintage beauty of a table just the right size to accommodate your coffee maker along with some pretty décor. Adding some greenery and a vertical truck to store these cups would make for the perfect coffee station and would look tidier. Old side table coffee station from homebnc.

You can definitely incorporate some ideas into your home decor. For example, open-shelf storage and a mug tree for storing a few cups are perfect. The shelf in the corner of the coffee station is also a nice touch. Your coffee and espresso machine is ready to go with a mug tree in hand to hold your next delicious drink. Open-shelf storage and a mug tree from homebnc.

All the charm of this rustic, painted wood vanity is brought to life in a modern way when it’s converted into a personal coffee station. The “coffee” stencil in the background gives the coffee station a pretty decent look while the top showcases your favorite mugs and teapots. Buying it at a flea market will be cheaper so decorating your coffee table is on a low budget. Adding some fun decorative items like ceramic dogs and some greenery in a vase will make for the perfect design. Gray Coffee station from homebnc

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Modern Style

Simplicity can also bring beauty for sure although it might do not have too many details. You can apply neutral colors such as white, black, or beige. Then, make sure that you do not make the decoration looks crowded as you have to apply simplicity as the main character of the modern style. Then, to strengthen the modern touch, you can combine it with sleek and modern materials like iron, metal, and other sleek impression stuffs.

In the picture above, this home coffee station blends completely with the kitchen because it is stored in the cupboard. Full of other breakfast ingredients, this is a one-stop-shop in the morning. Ansa can add some storage shelves for breakfast ingredients and some of your coffee on this open shelf so that it will be easier for you to take them. Cabinet coffee station from housebeautiful.

Now, this is a complete coffee shop that doesn’t need its own room or even its own counter. Hanga by needing a small cupboard, a spacious wardrobe, or a corner to bring it to life. Equipped with a coffee machine and open shelf storage for storing various types of mugs and teapots. This sleek look will present a charming coffee station design. Closet coffee station from housebeautiful.

This sleek coffee station design is equipped with open shelf storage with gold accents that will make your room look more elegant and luxurious. It is used to store some groceries and the mug will make it easier for you to pick it up. Combined with dark blue cabinets and white tables, this will create the perfect room decor. Modern sleek coffee station from housebeautiful.

The pantry butler is the perfect location for a coffee station in kitchen decor. In terms of storage, the more cabinets the better. And if you can’t decide between the glass display cabinets and the solid cabinets in your home coffee shop, give this decor a try. The metal grille will add a glossy touch to the decor of this kitchen coffee station. Pantry coffee station from housebeautiful.

Mount the stem under the floating shelf to hang mugs and other coffee bars. Some additional task lighting in this area is also a great decoration for you to try in your kitchen coffee station. This simple look will add a modern aesthetic to the room. Choose bronze sconces to complement the hardware and will provide the perfect lighting. Modern coffee station from housebeautiful.

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From all the things that you should provide for the kitchen coffee station, basically, you just need to prepare two things. Those are the appliances based on your needs in making the coffee and the decoration concept you are going to apply. Anyway, since the coffee table doesn’t need something too much, then you just need to consider the color scheme and furniture material to fulfill your decoration concept needs. Happy decorating! Enjoy your coffee!


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