Top 5 Ways to Give Your Staircase an Amazing Look

Many times, we look at our staircase as a mere pass-through space, taking us from one floor to another and we tend to overlook it. More than just a connection between floors, your staircase is a vital design feature of your home interior. With a little creative adjustment, you can transform dull treads into a stylish focal point having an amazing look. 

Finding the right modern staircase idea is important because they are sometimes the first things the visitors see when entering a home. Why should they then look odd? If you need to give your staircase that amazing design it needs, we’ve highlighted the top 5 ways to give your staircase the very best design inspiration, tips, and tricks. 

1. Painting

With time, a staircase can become worn and faded. A cool way to make it sparkle is by trying out new painting ideas. The staircase should complement the color theme used in the entryway if painted.

A bright white or neutral such as oatmeal, yellow or pale pink are good for adding color to the stairs and beyond the walls. For a bolder contrasting look, select a rich dark shade for the treads, using a deep navy blue can pass for this.

2. Wall Art

Don’t let your staircase wall become bland; you can bring it to life by adding a touch of creativity using stunning wall art designs. Wall arts bring a visual treat to the staircase and they make the stair wall look so lovely.

 Series of artwork such as family portraits, large art pieces, signage art, wall decals, wall plantings, and wall lights are choices you can make to give your staircase an amazing look. They add a touch of personalization and make your home look warm, cozy, and radiating love.

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Are you finding it difficult to figure out the best wall art for your staircase? Check out some of the best ideas here

3. Lighting 

What could be more amazing than a light fixture cascading down to the base of your staircase? A well-lit stairwell is a component in the decorative scheme of your home and it also provides safety.

A traditional crystal chandelier hanging at the base of the stairs is a beautiful suggestion.

Step lights could also be installed into the wall running up the stairs or a lamp at the bottom and top of the stairs lit dimly, it gives a dazzling visual effect.

4. Rug On Stairs

Aside from making going up and down the stairs pleasant, placing a decorated rug on the staircase is a cost-effective and simple way to spruce up your home. Depending on the type of rug you choose, it can add a unique and casual accent to the home.

When selecting a rug for your staircase, consider styles and colors that reflect your personality and create a wow-effect inside your home. Lastly, rugs prevent accidental slipping and snuffle stepping noises. A stair rug gives beauty and also protects. You got yourself a two-in-one package here.

5. Fill Up Space Underneath the Stairs

The space underneath the stairs is a perfect place to serve as a perfect spot to go creative. It can serve as storage with pull-out drawers and cupboards. It can also serve as book cabinet or built-in shelves for storing kitchen cutlery. 

Utilizing the void under the staircase helps in creating a decorative design perfect for homes where every inch of space matters. 

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You can make your staircase stand out by being creative with it. Don’t leave it looking all old and doodle, take the tips and begin implementing. You are a step closer to giving your staircase an amazing look and enjoying the fun-filled process. All you have to do is to get started.


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