5 Tips to Start Your Very Own Boho Bedroom

boho bedroom takes on Boho-chic fashion style drawn on the various hippie and bohemian impacts, which can only mean one thing: it’ll be a super cool design once you’ve done remodeling the room! We’re calling all hippies who wish to start their very own boho room with our top tips below.

1. Mosaic Colors

Go mosaic in any area you can find; mosaic accent wall, mosaic floor, mosaic paintings, etc. Choose patterns and colors in bold choices to contribute to that popular bohemian design concept, with no overpowering effect on the other parts of the bedroom.

Mosaic colors can be applied to boho bedroom decorations through the use of curtains, bedding and woven rugs that have a smoother surface. The combination of all the colors in the interior in this bedroom will work well together and of course these colors are one of the hallmarks of the bohemian style that never goes out of style. Colorful bohemian interior from thesleepjudge.

The appearance of your bohemian bedroom will look more colorful and fun when you combine several colors and patterns into one in the same room. This pattern can be tried in the area of wallpaper walls, bedding, pillowcases and vintage rugs which are dominated by red and black colors. If you use a pattern with a large enough number, then don’t forget to use bright lighting so that your room doesn’t feel stuffy. Colorful rich pattern from digsdigs.

This bohemian bedroom decor with two different patterns is aimed at the use of bedding and boho rugs that have a more vibrant color surface. The two patterns and some of the bold colors used can be neutralized with the use of repainted walls using plain white. You can try this bedroom decoration easily without spending a lot of money. Colorful bedding and rug patterns from digsdigs.

The last choice for color mosaic ideas in bohemian bedroom decorations is the use of several bold colors and patterns that look more attractive and not tacky. The decoration of this room is dominated by red so it looks bolder and suitable when combined with the use of light brown wood floors that seem natural. This color mosaic can be applied through bedding and some wall painting decorations that are installed not too far apart. Mosaic color canvas painting from digsdigs.

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2. Dark Accent Wall

Speaking of an accent wall, a boho-style bedroom can also feature a dark accent wall to help all the other colors in your room bounce. Don’t worry; it won’t get too dark and end up making you feel gloomy since other in-room subtle elements you have will stand out great.

This bohemian bedroom wall painted using a dark color is the beginning of the appearance of a room that looks masculine. The use of this jet black wall is intended to make it easier when combined with the surrounding bohemian interior, for example, slice wood headboards, blue pattern bedding and vintage rugs with splashes of bold colors. Round mirrors become decorations as well as room accents that reflect the light throughout the room to the maximum. Black matte color wall from mydomaine.

You can easily create a unique and unusual look in this bohemian bedroom decor without spending a lot of money, you can start by repainting the wall with a darker color such as black. After that, you can combine it with some neutral colored interiors for an elegant color combination that doesn’t damage the color tone of the room. Dark color wall paint from mydomaine.

There’s nothing wrong with using black walls in a modern bohemian bedroom decor for a more eye-catching appearance. The yellow headboard and table lamp combine to create a contrasting yet beautiful interior. Neutralize these two colors by using bedding and window frames that have a splash of pure white. Carved frame wall hangings give a beautiful vintage impression. Black walls with white and yellow interior from thesleepjudge.

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3. Wall Map

Going for a map bedroom décor can be done impeccably via a unique piece of world map art hanging behind your bed. Besides not taking up much floor space, the wall map can still give your room some personality—and, of course, Bohemian feels.

The wall map combined with several wall decorations that surround it becomes a unique bedroom decoration view and is more different from the others. Macramé is a beautiful mix of wall decor. In addition, this wall map is also enhanced with colorful floral bedding. String bulb light is a smart lighting that you can install at the same time. Wall map as wall decoration from town-n-country-living.

Choose and use a wall map with a larger size as a different and eye-catching wall decor idea. This wall map can be installed on the wall or more precisely in the headboard area so that it can be seen more clearly. In addition, this wall map also gives the impression of a more vintage room. Vintage wall map from thesleepjudge.

4. Hanging Bed

Your bed can go as the most boho compared to all other features, which is why choosing a hanging bed can create a relatively strong Bohemian vibe. This particular idea will be a great, revamping option.

To make it easier for you when doing maintenance on bedroom decorations or more precisely on the floor area, the use of a hanging bed is a piece of furniture that you can imitate. This hanging bed is also one of the characteristics of the bohemian style that is never consumed by time, then you can use boho bedding colors and patterns that look cheerful and fun. Hanging bed with colorful bohemian fabric from thesleepjudge.

Use four strong ropes to hang a single bed made of wood. You can tie it firmly so it doesn’t fall on the floor and cause a mess. This hanging bed design is perfect for a bohemian style bedroom. Striped wallpaper and indoor ornamental plants are perfect accents that can be combined in one room at the same time. Hanging twin bed from thesleepjudge.

Hanging bed designs made of wood are usually used in bohemian-style bedroom decorations. The natural ingredients seem very cheap and easy to find, combine this hanging bed with a string light as the main lighting that can be used when the room looks dark. Indoor green plants become decorations that are easy to move from your garden using pots. Natural wood hanging bed from casper.

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5. Boho Bedding

We encourage you to purchase all boho chic bedding necessities that come in either prints, tassels, or fringes—because that’s how hippies roll.

Tassel accents that are applied through bedding and rugs are the right interior that can be applied in your bohemian bedroom decor. This bedroom decoration is dominated by white so it looks cleaner and looks spacious. You can also hang cloth tapestry on the headboard as a bold wall decoration that looks charming. Tassel rug and bedding combination from thesleepjudge.

Choose and use white bedding that is equipped with tassel accents at the bottom to give a bohemian style and texture that looks unique and looks more different. Now you can combine it with a canopy and a boho patterned pillowcase that has a more striking color. This tassel accent has a smoother and softer surface that provides maximum comfort. Tassel bedding at the bottom from thesleepjudge.

The tassels in the bohemian bedroom bedding don’t just use white, now you can use bolder colors so that they can be used as the focal point of a room that attracts more attention. This tassel accent is equipped with a boho pattern on the top surface of the bedding so that it looks more perfect and maximal. Bold color tassel bedding from thesleepjudge.

With our tips above, we’re sure a cute boho bedroom is on the way.


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