Unusual Yet Effective Ways To Weed Your Lawn

If anything can cause you more eyesores than a lousy paint job, it has to be the weeds growing in your garden.

Believe it or not, it can be frustrating to see your beautiful lawn being destroyed by unwanted weeds.

And the worst part is getting rid of them.

Pulling them one by one is not just tiring but time-consuming too.

What if we told you that there are easier ways to get rid of the unwanted weed.

Although these methods may seem weird at first, believe us, they are still far more effective than pulling them out one by one.

Ready to know what these methods are?

Keep scrolling to fill in yourself.

Table Salt

While table salt is excellent for seasoning, plants don’t like it. And that’s what you’re going to use to weed out excessive growths.

Dilute three parts of salt in one part water thoroughly and pour this mix over the weed you want to be gone. 

Tip: Be careful while pouring saltwater. You would not want to damage your favorite plants or flowers in your garden.

Torch Them

Yes, burning away weed is still a safe and controllable tactic. Perhaps, the method is particularly very effective when the plants are small.

It requires the least effort, and you can get done with your weeding pretty much in a matter of minutes. Wet the ground thoroughly before firing up the weed to ensure no damage to the good grass.

Tip: Make sure you get propane delivery and stack up on it. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of torching just because you ran out of gas.


You can use your old newspapers to get rid of the weed too. Amazing, right?

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All you have to do is cover the weed around your plants with the print newspapers and wet it with plenty of water. It should ensure no sunlight reaches the weed and it dries out naturally.

Tip: This method usually takes longer to kill the weed. So, be prepared for a week or two before you can see the results.


Who would have thought that the vinegar you use for pickling and cooking delicious meals can kill weed?

Well, it does work and is pretty much like the weedicides you get in the market. The only thing is, it kills the weed without affecting the pH drastically for your garden plants.

Tip: Make sure you set the spray nozzle setting to stream to target the weed directly.

Sawdust Mulching

Mulching is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted weeds from your lawn.

All you need to do is cover the weed with sawdust to prevent sunlight from reaching the soil surface. It would not only kill the weeds but also prevent new seeds from sprouting.

Tip: You can use walnut sawdust for more effective results. Walnut sawdust, specifically, contains a chemical called juglone that is toxic for weeds.

The Bottomline

Chemicals and weedicides sold in the market are pretty much toxic. And not only for the weeds but also for humans.

Trying out home remedies is still a better way to get rid of the unwanted weeds. And it’s not at all harmful to your health.


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