16 Pieces of Furniture You Should Fit in a Farmhouse Dining Room

Conveying an antique taste and vintage vibe, farmhouse design mainly relies on timeless furniture with natural accents. The same rule also applies to a farmhouse dining room. When you design a dining area with farmhouse design in mind, the following choices of furniture should be taken into account. 

1. Sturdy Dining Table

A sturdy dining table made of pressed or reclaimed wood is the focal point of a farmhouse dining room. It perfectly represents the concept of farmhouse design which focuses on tough and timeless furnishings. The table is usually placed in the center of the space, so it will be easier for you to balance the whole design in the room.

The design of the teak wood dining table which is perfected with spindle legs painted using a deep black color is a very appropriate farmhouse dining room decoration furniture idea. Let this dining table surface appear more natural without repainting. Decorate with some terracotta pots filled with small green plants as your beautiful and fresh view while enjoying the food or drinks provided. Teak wood dining table with spindle legs from hgtv.

Adjust the selection of shapes and materials from the dining table set to the decor of your dining room. For example, when you use a farmhouse dining room decoration, a wooden dining table with a round shape becomes an interior idea that you can try. You can use a chair with an oval back as a comfortable and soft sitting area because it is equipped with a layer of pillows on the surface of the sitting area. Don’t forget to hang one chandelier as a very bright lighting idea at night. Round wooden dining table from hgtv.

The design of this mini dining table made of teak wood can be perfected with three dining chairs and one bench that is lined with several throw pillows on the top surface. The appearance of this square dining table will look more beautiful when you put a clay pot filled with green plants that grow lush and lush. Transparent glass windows are a source of sunlight that can be used as lighting ideas during the day. Small wooden dining table in square shape from hgtv.

To save costs when decorating the farmhouse dining room, you can use a reclaimed wood dining table that has a longer and wider size. This table is perfect for a house that is inhabited with quite a few family members. You can add dining chairs according to the number of family members when needed. Reclaimed wood dining table from hgtv.

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2. Wood and Wrought Iron Chairs

To match the sturdy dining table, you can set several wooden chairs around it. You don’t need to stick to all-wood chairs. Instead, opt for uniquely designed chairs with wrought iron feet or accents. Such combination is basically what you need to create the authentic farmhouse look in your dining room.

The iron and wood materials will look the same when you repaint them with a deep black color. This slate dining chair combined with a wooden bench and dining table is the right combination of farmhouse dining room furniture that you can try. A black and white family photo frame that fills an empty wall area becomes a room decoration idea that can be used as a memory that can be seen anytime you want. Wooden dining chair with black iron combo from digsdigs.

When you have used a vintage iron chair, then for the bench and dining table you can use reclaimed wood as a blend of dining room furniture that will work well together. The iron chair will be more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a longer period of time. Place this dining table set right on top of a vintage rug with faded motifs for a warmer footed. Combination of iron chairs with a wooden bench from digsdigs.

Dining chair designed with two different materials such as wood and iron becomes a sturdy sitting area and is very suitable for decorating a farmhouse dining room. You can repaint the metal parts with a solid black color to make it look more attractive. Candlesticks, lanterns and greenery are very easy centerpiece decorating ideas to try. Dining chair made of wood and iron material from digsdigs.

The design of the iron dining chair which is painted in white is intended to make it look more attractive and seem elegant. Stools and dining tables made of plywood have a hard but smooth surface so they are comfortable to use all day long. Tiered wooden tray becomes a table decoration that can be perfected with green plants and ceramic cups. White paint iron dining chair from digsdigs.

3. Open Shelves

Another furniture piece you should include in a farmhouse dining room is a set of open shelves. Made of hardwood panels, the shelves are usually placed on one side of the wall. You can use them to store antique dinnerware and showcase it as a decoration at the same time.

If you have a dining room with a limited floor area, floating wooden rack is one of the best options that you can apply in this room easily without having to spend a lot of money. Using reclaimed wood with sturdy metal supports, this shelf emphasizes farmhouse style instantly. Put some ceramic ornaments, painting frames and green plants as room decoration ideas that anyone can enjoy when they see it. DIY reclaimed wood floating shelf from digsdigs.

Take advantage of the corner wall of this farmhouse dining room for a storage area by installing vertical open shelves made of plywood and repainted using white splashes that match the color tone of your dining room. Place some ceramic cutlery in this shelf area to make it a room decoration as well as an unusual sight. Choose and place cutlery that is rarely used so that it is not too complicated when you need it. Vertical open shelves from digsdigs.

You can use barn wood as the main ingredient of the floating shelves in the farmhouse dining room to put some white ceramic cutlery that can fill some empty walls. The materials used from these floating shelves are more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time, so they are highly recommended for you when you are going to redecorate the farmhouse dining room. No need to repaint this shelf for a more natural look. Barn wood hanging shelves from digsdigs.

Do a repaint on the open shelves of the shelves according to the shiplap wall color that is applied to your farmhouse dining room decoration, light yellow is the choice of paint color that matches the style of your current room. Use this shelf to place some patterned china plates dominated by white and dark blue. You can arrange it as well and neatly as possible to be used as a room decoration, and try to choose the right layout so that your plate doesn’t fall to the floor which will cause breakage and chaos. Light yellow open shelves from digsdigs.

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4. Jute Fiber Rug

One of the best things about a farmhouse design is its ability to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It can be realized by placing low-pile rugs under the table or dining area. For this design, you should choose jute fiber rugs in light colors.

Cover the wooden floor in your dining room decor with a jute fiber carpet that has a natural light brown color that is easier to combine with a reclaimed wood dining table set that is placed right above it. The reclaimed wooden slate chairs that surround this rectangular dining table become a comfortable sitting area to use to enjoy the dishes that have been provided. No need to repaint, let this furniture appear more simple. Earth tone jute fiber carpet from homebnc.

An easy way to make the farmhouse dining room decoration look more elegant is to coat your panel wood floor with jute fiber carpet which has a larger size so that it can accommodate a wooden dining table set which has been partially repainted using a plain white color. This carpet has a cheaper price so it is perfect for those of you who want to decorate a room on a budget. Wood floor panels covered with jute fiber carpet from decortrendy.

5. Natural Lighting Fixtures

Choose some natural or unadorned lighting fixtures to wrap up the design. Wood and metal chandelier without any ornament is considered the best choice. You can also set up the natural vibe by using candelabra as the table centerpiece.

The farmhouse dining room decoration is equipped with several interiors that are dominated by natural wood, including hanging chandeliers that are hung above the round dining table. The design of these chandeliers is made of two different materials, namely weathered wood and metal which has a solid black color. This lamp is suitable for use when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark, you can try to combine it with a pendant lamp that is hung in the kitchen area. Weathered wood with black metal chandeliers from homebnc.

Hanging pendant lights hanging in the dining room decor will add a very nice farmhouse vibe and make the room feel brighter. You can use more than one pendant lamp to produce maximum lighting at night. This pendant light is made of a single light bulb which is perfected with a cage lam made of a combination of teak wood and black metal. Hanging pendant lights from homedit.

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Those are some of the most basic furniture pieces that you can include in a farmhouse dining room. Having them in your dining room will surely give you modesty and antiquity of farmhouse design.


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