Apartment Decor Ideas for a Pleasant Living

There are tons of apartment decor ideas out there that won’t stop your apartment from looking fabulous. Moreover, regardless of the size of your living unit, our décor ideas below are doable with the focus of optimizing your space as maximum as possible. Check some of our top picks here that might inspire you!

1. Have Priorities

Unless you own a unit with several rooms, most apartments come in limited space. It’s why it becomes highly essential to prioritize and allocate each area accordingly. For instance, do you think merging a desk area with a dining area is possible? Or will you need some apartment convertible furniture?

Turn the dining room into a full-time private office space and incorporate a stylish small table lamp to ensure the right lighting. In addition, you can also apply this table near the window to produce natural lighting into your living room. Office table and dining table combo from hgtv.

Choosing priorities to determine the important spaces in your small apartment is very important, because it can save you space. You can combine your home office with a living room. Using this classic style round dining table presents a charming room design and steals the attention of many people. Desk area with a dining table from hgtv.

Combining two dining rooms and a workspace in a small apartment can be a solution that you can try. This can save space and make your apartment look spacious. You can use your dining table to work comfortably so that it will produce stunning room decorations. Dining room and a workspace decor from apartmenttherapy.

2. Float It

Try to mount floating apartment furniture whenever possible. Some inspiration comes from floating desks, shelves, laptop workspace, and more. Not only will they help free more space on the floor, but these floating furniture also give off a contemporary and sleek look that genuinely defines an urban lifestyle and preference.

Your apartment’s floating entry table will give a wider and minimalist impression in decorating your apartment space. The table’s sleek design can give it a seamless look. Choosing a material from this piece of wood will give a natural touch to the design of your apartment. Complementing the decor with a glass flower vase complete with twigs will make your room decor look more stylish. Floating entry table from homedit.

An apartment workspace using a floating desk can save space. Adding a bookshelf at the top of this table can give an attractive impression and a neat appearance. You can apply your work area to the bedroom so that it will maximize the space in your apartment space. Floating desk from homedit.

Floating cabinets look solid in the design of your apartment living room. It looks lighter and more refined and elegant. They offer the freedom to mount it at any height you want and this makes it much more practical. This design will provide space on your floor so as to provide the perfect room design. Floating cabinet apartment decor from homedit.

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3. Layer It

Layer smartly to create a delicate balance and contrast in your apartment. You won’t need to forgo a space with tons of fabrics and linens but do it by choosing a compatible mix of two or three colors, patterns, and prints. You can start this from your apartment pillows!

To create an attractive appearance in the apartment space, you can add some brown, gray and pink pillows to complement your apartment ornaments. Combine it with a gray velvet sofa will give a stunning room design and steal the attention of many people. Brown, gray and pink pillows from bhg.

Stylish pillows that use three colors with animal and paisley motifs are the right combination if you wear a white sofa in your apartment room. This makes for an interesting room design for you to try. Complete the décor with a unique orange coffee table to bring out a charming room design. Three colors with animal and paisley from bhg.

Adding pillows with different patterns and colors brings a stylish design to the room and will attract the attention of many people. Pair it with a soft beige sofa for an attractive room design. This nesting side table with gold accents will give a glamorous look to your apartment living room design. Colorful and patterned pillows from bhg.

4. Go with Curtains

Give the window of your apartment a fresh touch from its curtains! Feel free to hang your favorite drapes as tall as the height of the wall for a taller room illusion. Using those with a conceal-able curtain rod’s cornice also makes for great apartment curtains.

Applying a rod cornice complete with soft blue curtains in the living room in the apartment is the point. This myth will make your apartment better and look taller. Combined with a white color scheme and high windows, it gives the impression of a spacious room and sunlight entering the room. Soft blue curtains from decoholic.

An interesting idea to decorate the living room of an apartment by adding curtains at the height of the walls for the illusion of a nice room and the appearance of a spacious room. Choose light curtains and two-tone linen curtains that will add extra comfort to your apartment’s living room decor. High two-tone linen curtains from decoholic.

The illusion of a tall and spacious room is that you can use floor to ceiling-high curtains for a stylish room decor idea that will grab the attention of many. This modern French apartment design features a gray room scheme that will create a warm and cozy feel throughout the room. Floor to ceiling-high curtains from decoholic.

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5. Lighten Up

Lighten up your apartment with a bound carpet remnant and light apartment rug, which come in contrasting hues compared to other en-suite elements. For instance, a lighter colored carpet complements well with dark-colored or stained ones—thus creating a nice layer.

This living room apartment is equipped with a layered carpet that will provide extra warmth throughout the room. You can use a large gray rug and a black and white rug with a geometric pattern for a more stylish look. Complementing the decor with this Scandinavian-style table and chair set makes the look even more charming. Layered carpet apartment living room from apartmenttherapy.

The white carpet will be a focal point that can have a contrasting color in the apartment living room. Pair it with an orange sofa and dark furniture for a stylish look. This white color scheme will make your room decor look more spacious and clean. This wall decoration makes your room decoration look more attractive and steals the attention of many people. White carpet living room from apartmenttherapy.

This living room apartment by adding a tribal patterned carpet will have an attractive color display when combined with some nohemian-style furniture. Placed under the dining table will provide an attractive appearance for you to try. This rattan hanging chair also provides a comfortable room design. Tribal patterned carpet from apartmenttherapy.

Which one of the apartment decor ideas above is your favorite?


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