20 Beautiful Winter Bedrooms with Faux Fur for Your Reference

Having a neat and beautiful bedroom is everyone’s dream. The bedroom is where you relieve all your energy after dealing with the hustle and bustle of the world. It is where you take a rest to release all the stress and to reclaim your good mood. But it’s winter. You need more than just convenience: you need warmth. You’re going to hope to get all the warmth you can get from your bedroom. Therefore, you need to keep the room warm. 

One way to make your bedroom warmer and, simultaneously, gorgeous is to have some faux fur in it. However, there are many applications of faux fur, and you may not know what to start with. So, here are our recommendations of what to start with to beautify your winter bedrooms with faux fur.

1. Carpet

Nowadays, there are so many carpets made of faux fur. Carpets with faux fur give your bedroom a glamorous beauty. It varies from the light ones to the thick ones. You can choose whichever type based on your preference. But the thicker one is better for it is warmer to help you catch up with the winter season.

If you need a warm room in winter, of course, the bedroom is the right choice for you. Start decorating your bedroom this winter by using faux fur rugs throughout to make it cozier, softer and warmer. Large Faux Fur Rug from @houseatwhitetailridge

Apply faux fur to your bedroom decor in winter to add a warm impression that doesn’t fade easily. You can apply this material through the use of carpets, blankets and pillows. White Furry Rug from @vickys.home_

The nuances of a winter bedroom which is dominated by white will be even more colorful when you cover the floor with a white faux fur rug that looks charming. Carpet blends well with hardwood floors to create a great mix for you to try. Small Furry Rug from @justyna_home_decor

It’s best to cover a wooden floor with a rug of faux fur, which has a smooth, warm surface, of course. Apply this mat throughout the room to provide extra warmth throughout the room. Winter Furry Rug from @southernlifestyled

Choose and use faux fur rugs as upholstery for your hardwood floors while in modern winter bedroom decor. Choosing a gray color throughout the room will dampen the cold in your room. Dark Grey Rug from @cooperrobinsoninteriors

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Another thing you can apply faux fur is the pillow. Covering your pillow with a faux-furred pillow cover not only excites your bedroom beauty but also gives you more comfort and warmth.

Pillows with soft white faux fur lining can also provide comfort and warmth in this cold season. Feel free to use a few faux feather pillows on your bed, the more the better. Faux Fur Blanket Bedroom from @an.brys

You can also use faux fur pillows as extra pillows to fill the void in your bed in the cold season. That way you will always get a warm atmosphere and will make your sleep better. Winter Bedroom with Furry Pillow from @brextoncoleinteriors

With this white faux fur pillow, your room won’t look boring. The faux fur pillows arranged in the front will also be the main goal to achieve when lying down Furry Chirstmas Pillow from @velveteenandgrace

Opting for this gray faux fur pillow will bring extra warmth throughout the room. Simply placing one faux fur pillow among the others on your bed will add to the look and feel that is more pleasing to the eye. Gray Furry Pillow from @reve_de_vivre_

You can’t go wrong with matching colored faux fur pillows and blankets in your cabin bedroom decor in winter. You can combine it with some pillows to add a warm and comfortable atmosphere throughout the day. Furry Pillow Bedroom from @etthusbliretthem


The blanket is the one that plays the most role in keeping you warm throughout the season but the one with faux fur is better in keeping your body heat. It slows the heat transfer between your body and the air. And as a result, most of the heat remains on your body.

That’s not enough, you can also use a faux fur blanket accent that is smooth and soft. You can use several pillows with matching materials and colors as additional accents which are very easy to apply. White Layered Blanket from @lemongrovelane

Start by applying a faux fur blanket to the mattress which can be teamed up with some patterned pillows with splashes of the same color. In addition, faux fur rugs will also give a warm and comfortable impression to the room. Cozy Furry Blanket from @beautifullyadorned

This faux fur blanket with splashes of two different colors has a mix of dark and light colors so you can easily mix it with other colors around it. Some of these pillows will also make the room warm and comfortable. Blanket Furry from @ourcozycasa

Match the color of your faux fur blanket with the sheet you are using so as not to spoil the color tone of this elegant room. This large and thick blanket gives the impression of a warm and comfortable room. Faux Fur Blanket from @vianneyhomedecor

You can combine a white sheet with a thick faux fur blanket with a splash of light gray which looks neutral and is suitable for any stylish room. This blanket has a texture that adds warmth and comfort while you are on this mattress. Layered Faux Fur Blanket from @hoops_and_home

A wooden bed with a soft mattress and a faux fur blanket is a smart choice that can provide comfort while you are in bed. For a warmer look, you can add a tarta blanket for a cozy bedroom design. Blanket Winter Bedroom from @nancydeanne_decor

Use multiple layers of bedding and blankets over your bed as the best welcome you can easily do this winter. The soft fleece blanket on top of this bed makes a comfortable room decoration. Brown Faux Fur Blanket from @uniquelytaylormade

If you need warmth in bed, then you can use two blankets with different materials. You can combine faux fur blankets with thick knits that can be used all at once on your bed. White Layered Furry Blanket from @jedynytakidomek

To provide comfort, you can choose a soft faux fur blanket and of course it will keep your body warm while sleeping. A wide faux fur blanket is spread over the bed as if to signal it is ready to warm and guard your sleep. Furry Blanket in Bedroom from @love_lives_here

A double layer blanket on the bed during winter is highly recommended for maximum body warmth. At this time you can use faux fur blankets with other blankets made of thick cotton. Gray Faux Fur Blanket from @teppermans

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Those are some things you can try to beautify your winter bedroom with faux fur. Faux fur is helpful not only in terms of aesthetics but also in helping you survive the cold winter season. I hope you find this article useful. If you want to see more articles like this, you can click other articles on our website. Have a happy decorating your room with faux fur!

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