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25 Beautiful Winter Bedrooms with Faux Fur for Your Reference

Is it possible to keep your bedroom simultaneously warm and beautiful in the winter season? The ans…

Having a neat and beautiful bedroom is everyone’s dream. The bedroom is where you relieve all your energy after dealing with the hustle and bustle of the world. It is where you take a rest to release all the stress and to reclaim your good mood. But it’s winter. You need more than just convenience: you need warmth. You’re going to hope to get all the warmth you can get from your bedroom. Therefore, you need to keep the room warm. 

One way to make your bedroom warmer and, simultaneously, gorgeous is to have some faux fur in it. However, there are many applications of faux fur, and you may not know what to start with. So, here are our recommendations of what to start with to beautify your winter bedrooms with faux fur.

1. Carpet

Nowadays, there are so many carpets made of faux fur. Carpets with faux fur give your bedroom a glamorous beauty. It varies from the light ones to the thick ones. You can choose whichever type based on your preference. But the thicker one is better for it is warmer to help you catch up with the winter season.

If you need a warm room in winter, of course, the bedroom is the right choice for you to use. Start decorating your bedroom this winter using a faux fur carpet with a thicker surface so that it is more comfortable, soft and warm. Place this carpet right under your bed so you can step on it immediately when you get out of bed. Faux fur thick carpet from digsdigs.

Apply faux fur in your bedroom decor in winter to add a warm feel that doesn’t fade easily. You can apply this material through the use of carpets, blankets and pillows. Use carpet colors according to the style of your bedroom, for a rustic style you should use a splash of earth tone color. Earth tone color faux fur carpet from digsdigs.

The nuances of the winter bedroom, which are dominated by white, will be more colorful when you cover the floor with a pastel faux fur carpet that looks feminine. Another warm fabric that you can use is a layer of bedding which has thicker and smoother materials, of course, you can use a chair and a few pillows with a choice of carpet-matching colors to serve as a focal point. Feminine style faux fur carpet from shelterness.

It’s a good idea to coat the wooden floor with a faux fur carpet that has a smooth and warm surface of course. Apply this rug right next to your bed lengthwise as a warm footing that can be used anytime when you get out of bed. Match the color of this rug with the feel of the bedroom to match the elegant color tone of the room. Runner faux fur rug from shelterness.

Choose and use a faux fur carpet as a layer for your wooden floor while in a modern winter bedroom decoration. You can do the maintenance regularly to avoid carpet that is full of dust, use a vacuum cleaner to make it easier for you when doing the maintenance. Faux fur carpet for winter from elledecor.

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2. Pillow

Another thing you can apply faux fur is the pillow. Covering your pillow with a faux-furred pillow cover not only excites your bedroom beauty but also gives you more comfort and warmth.

To get a luxurious and beautiful bedroom look, try using a faux fur pillowcase. A pillow with a soft white faux fur lining can also provide comfort and warmth this winter. Feel free to use some faux feather pillows over your bed, the more the better. Faux fur pillowcase from digsdigs.

You can also use a faux fur pillow as an extra pillow to fill the void in your bed in winter. That way you will always get a warm atmosphere and will make you sleep more soundly. A faux fur pillow can also be combined with a thick white blanket which is perfect for winter. The combination of faux fur pillows with thick blankets from onekindesign.

Not always by using white, you can also use gray faux fur pillows to complement winter accessories in your bedroom. With this gray fake feather pillow, your room will not look boring. False feather pillows that are arranged in the front will also be the main goal to be achieved when lying down. Gray faux fur pillow from onekindesign.

False feather pillows can also be applied to a bedroom in a rustic style. The appearance of an all-brown bedroom, will be more harmonious if you use a pillow with a layer of brown faux fur too. Just place one fake feather pillow among the other pillows on your bed, it will add to the appearance of being more comfortable when viewed. Rustic winter bedroom with faux fur pillow from onekindesign.

There’s nothing wrong with using faux fur pillows and blankets with matching colors in the cabin bedroom decor during winter. You can put it together with lantern lighting to add a vintage atmosphere that is warm and comfortable to use throughout the day. In addition, the wood material itself gives a warm impression that is not excessive. Faux fur pillows and blankets from onekindesign.

To maximize the warmth on the mattress during winter, you can combine a faux fur pillow with a knitted blanket that has a thick size and both have a smoother and warmer surface. You can choose a color tone like white to give a very appropriate statement in this winter. Combination of faux fur pillow with knitted blanket from onekindesign.

This faux fur pillow placed on white bedding has a splash of pastel colors that make the bedroom decor more colorful. You can also use a faux fur carpet to coat your wooden floor so that it adds a warm feel to the room as well as being a footwear that is more suitable for welcoming winter this year. The nuances of a white room are the best choice that you can copy. Pastel color faux fur pillow from homedit.

If you are going to decorate a bedroom for your daughter, then you can use a choice of pink color to be applied to several fabrics that are above the bedding. You can apply this color to faux fur pillows and blankets that have a fairly thick material. Gold beds give the impression of a more luxurious room. Feminine color faux fur pillow from hgtv.

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3. Blanket

The blanket is the one that plays the most role in keeping you warm throughout the season but the one with faux fur is better in keeping your body heat. It slows the heat transfer between your body and the air. And as a result, most of the heat remains on your body.

Two layers of blankets on bedding during winter are highly recommended to warm your body to the maximum. Currently you can use faux fur blankets with other blankets that have thick cotton. You can rearrange this blanket after using it for the best bedroom decorating ideas that you can try. Faux fur blanket in white from hgtv.

To get warm in winter, a blanket is one thing you should never leave. In order to provide comfort, you can choose a soft faux fur blanket and of course will keep your body warm while sleeping. A wide faux fur blanket is placed stretched out over the bed as if to give a signal when it is ready to warm and guard your sleep. Faux fur blanket with a softer surface from shelterness.

If you need warmth in bed then you can use two blankets with different materials. You can combine a faux fur blanket with thick knitwear that can be used at the same time on your bed. Candles also add a warm feel to this bedroom decor. Combination of faux fur and knitted blanket from onekindesign.

Use several layers of bedding and blankets over your bed the best welcome you can easily do this winter. When you want to bring a masculine feel, then you can use a splash of masculine color that can be applied to several different interiors, including your current room wall paint. Masculine style faux fur blanket from onekindesign.

Pallet wood beds covered with soft mattresses and faux fur blankets are a smart choice that can provide comfort when you are in bed. For a more dramatic look, you can use dim lights by hanging several bulb string lights on the headboard of this beautiful carving. Pallet wood covered with faux fur blankets and mattresses from onekindesign.

You can pair white bedding and smelly gray wall paint with a thick faux fur blanket with a splash of light gray that seems neutral and suitable when applied in any stylish room. This blanket has a texture that adds warmth and comfort when you are on this bed. Textured faux fur blanket from onekindesign.

Adjust the color of your faux fur blanket with the bedding that is currently used so as not to damage the color tone of this elegant room. The white nuance and several interiors made of wood bring a modern farmhouse style instantly, you can try it with the use of large glass windows to maximize sunlight so that it can enter the room. The same color faux fur blanket with bedding from digsdigs.

This faux fur blanket with splashes of two different colors has a mix of dark and light colors so you can easily mix it with other colors around it. To add a warm feel when you are indoors, you can use candles and thick knitted ball pillows. Faux fur blanket with a combination of dark and light colors from digsdigs.

The rustic feel is ready to welcome winter this year, you can apply this style to bedroom decorations in winter. Start by applying a faux fur blanket on the mattress that can be combined with several patterned pillows with a splash of the same color. To maximize the warmth in this room, you can use wooden walls without polishing and repainting. Earth tone color faux fur blanket from digsdigs.

Brown is one of the most appropriate color choices to be applied on your mattress when winter comes. Not quite up here, but you can also use faux fur which has a smoother and softer outer surface. You can use several pillows with matching materials and colors as additional accents that are very easy to apply. Faux fur pillows and blankets with matching materials and colors from digsdigs.

Apply faux fur blankets on bedding with a neat layout and of course very comfortable to use to warm your body in winter. This blanket can be used in any style bedroom, including a modern farmhouse-style bedroom which is dominated by a white room feel. Faux fur blanket over winter bedding from digsdigs.

This white faux fur blanket that covers the mattress thoroughly is a smart choice that you can apply in winter. This blanket has a smoother and softer surface so it is very comfortable to use anytime you want to lie down or rest in this bedroom. Faux fur blanket covering the mattress from digsdigs.

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Those are some things you can try to beautify your winter bedroom with faux fur. Faux fur is helpful not only in terms of aesthetics but also in helping you survive the cold winter season. I hope you find this article useful. If you want to see more articles like this, you can click other articles on our website. Have a happy decorating your room with faux fur!

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