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23 Simple DIY Decorations for Christmas

Making simple DIY decorations for Christmas celebration can surprisingly be easy. We’ve got you cov…

Simplicity in making DIY decorations for Christmas is all on your hands. You can grab several unexpected things and make a huge difference to your space for Christmas celebration. Unique things can definitely be handmade by yourself. All you need to do is listing the things you plan to make and preparing available and affordable materials for them.

Here is our recommendation on simple DIY decorations for Christmas.

1. Embroidered Door Mat

You can surely make your own homemade outdoor Christmas decorations, and an embroidered doormat certainly adds the chicness on your space. Pick some unique welcoming words, like hello, hi or Merry Christmas. You can simply buy one on the nearby store, but doing it by yourself is much more fun.

This natural coir door mat can be used as an initial welcome for guests or family who come to the house. You can use a mat that has a holiday touch or one that says Merry Christmas, for example. This doormat is lined with a black and white buffalos patterned mat that gives it a classic Christmas touch. Classic Christmas doormat from hgtv.

This handmade door mat will look more fun and can be customized to your liking, now you can display a beautiful pine and flower wreath motif and encircle your family name. The material used is natural coir fiber so it is resistant to all weather changes outside the room. Handmade doormat with surname pattern from hgtv.

Choose and use a Christmas themed doormat to welcome your guests for the holiday season all winter long, this mat features a refined Santa pattern on a plaid background with splashes of black and red. This mat is equipped with non-slip rubber underneath so it doesn’t slip easily and of course your feet stay comfortable and safe. Santa door mat in black and red from hgtv.

If you are going to use a door mat to welcome Christmas this year, then you can choose a doormat with a Christmas tree pattern that has a leopard pattern and two different buffalo checks with a splash of different colors. This mat is dominated by black so it looks more contrast. Christmas tree pattern door mat from hgtv.

2. Paper Ornaments

Collect your paper collections and start making Christmas-themed paper ornaments. Some fun things like occupying origami papers or cut-and-paste activities to your DIY projects surely brings fascination. You can get started by listing Christmas ornaments. Then, make patterns and draw. Décor your ornaments and hang them on your Christmas tree!

Do you need ornaments to beautify your Christmas tree design? If so, then you can use colorful Christmas balls made of origami paper. Combine some of these origami papers using adhesive glue until they have a cute round shape, then you can hang them using red ribbon for a sweet finishing touch. DIY paper origami Christmas balls from diys.

The next DIY Christmas ornaments that you can make are two paper houses with different paper color choices. The choice of black and white paper colors might be the best solution you can try, beautify the appearance of these paper Christmas houses with snowflake patterned windows and small wreaths that are hung on the door. Ornament paper Christmas houses from diys.

You can use brown glossy paper as the main ingredient of paper scalloped balls that can be hung on your Christmas tree design this year. You can make this ornament more than one so that it can be used as the main decoration that can be made yourself and of course very cheap. Get this paper at the nearest stationery store. DIY paper scalloped balls from diys.

Other paper ornaments that can beautify your Christmas tree are DIY paper bows that have different colors and patterns. Complete these paper bows with the use of string lights to make them look warmer when used this winter. In addition, this lamp also feels more dramatic when used at night. Paper bows from diys.

Deer are one of the animals that are commonly used in winter home decorations. You can make it from brown paper and combine it to form a garland that can be applied as your fireplace decoration this season. You can also add red pearls to accent the nose. Paper deer garland from diys

Don’t let your walls appear plain and boring, you can stick some paper star ornaments with different patterns and colors. In addition to the star, you can also hang a deer head statue that has the same color as the wall paint so that the paper star ornament is bolder. Colorful ornament star paper from diys.

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3. Hanging Pinecones

Hanging ornaments are always related to paper-based details. You can also use your scrabble tiles and surprisingly: pinecones! You can simply hang some of them on the Christmas tree or make another interesting ornament from them, like pinecone reindeer! Cute, aren’t they?

Change the appearance of your pinecones ornament into a cute deer head because it is equipped with a ribbon tie and doll eyes with a fairly large size. You can add ear accents using a brown flannel and then hang it using a patterned rope that has a combination of red and white. Deer head pinecones ornament from firefliesandmudpies.

Turn your pinecones ornament into a mini Christmas tree perfected with colorful little pom-poms. You can attach these pom-poms to the pinecones with adhesive glue so they don’t come off easily when used as room decorations. Besides being cheap, these pinecones ornaments are also easier to get at craft shops around your home. Pinecones mini Christmas tree from thewhoot.

Repaint the pinecones ornament with gold color, while waiting for it to dry you can prepare other materials such as lace and white ribbon. All this series of materials will be made into a DIY fairy ornament that can be used as a decoration on your Christmas tree. These gold pinecones provide a touch of luxury that is not overdone. DIY fairy pinecones ornament from thewhoot.

Take advantage of the pinecones that are in your home for a beautiful ornament that can be used as decoration in home decorations during winter. You can repaint it white and then complete it with some colorful bread attached to the top. White paint ornament pinecones from thewhoot.

If you want to change the pinecones ornament to Santa, the first thing you can do is paint it in red. Then you can add the head ornament with other materials or you can get it at a craft store or buy it online. After everything has been installed perfectly, this ornament is ready to be hung on the Christmas tree. Pinecones Santa from thewhoot.

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4. Light Bulb Christmas Ball

Having unused light bulbs around the corner but still have no idea what to do? Keep calm. Those light bulbs can definitely make a perfect decoration for your Christmas celebration: light bulb Christmas balls! Make sure you clean the bulbs and leave no both electrical and non-electrical residues. Then decorate according to your wishes.

Pour your creative ideas to make DIY Christmas decorations that are beautiful and of course unique. Try decorating the light bulbs with paint and some Christmas ornaments. You can paint it with white paint for the light bulb you want to shape like a snowman and brown on the deer light bulb. Don’t forget to add accessories such as a scarf for a snowman’s light bulb and a miniature antler on your Christmas reindeer light bulb. Light bulb Christmas ornament from icreativeideas.

The method is easy and very easy to find around you, light bulb Christmas ornaments will never go out of style. Paint a light bulb resembling a penguin and pair it with a snowman bulb complete with a scarf and hat. Do the same thing with the penguin light bulb by adding a scarf and hat as supporting accessories. Light bulb penguin and snowman from icreativeideas.

Don’t miss it, you also have to paint Santa’s face on this light bulb Christmas accessory. By using white paint on the glass, you can present Santa’s face on a light bulb with brown paint and black outlines and use red for the top of the glass as if it were a hat and Christmas decorations. This unique light bulb is ready for you to hang on the Christmas tree in your home. Light bulb ornament Santa from icreativeideas.

If you have unused light bulbs, you can use them to make inexpensive but very elegant DIY Christmas accessories. Coat the light bulb that you have prepared with glue after that sprinkle glitter to cover all parts of the bulb. Its glittering appearance will give the impression of luxury and elegance for your Christmas decorations at home. To make it easier for you at the time of installation, don’t forget to add a rope at the top so that it can be attached to a twig on the Christmas tree. Glitter light bulb ornament from icreativeideas.

To create a unique and real look on your light bulb decorations, try making a miniature snowman complete with snowflakes, twig hands and a face. Sprinkle glitter while the paint is still wet so that it will be easier for you when making snowflakes. Glue small twigs to the right and left of this miniature snowman to make small hands. Light bulb hanging snowman from icreativeideas.

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5. Ribbon and Knick knack

Chic decorating items aren’t always made from paper. You can also use your ribbon and beads. Make some pretty things, like dolls, pine trees, reindeer and snowman from ribbon and knick knack . You can simply put them on the cabinet or hang them for your DIY Christmas tree decorations!

When you have ribbon and knick-knack materials, you can use them to make a Christmas tree ornament that can be hung in any area you want. You can hang it using a white rope, now apply knick-knack in the middle of the Christmas tree ornament as a strong support. Ribbon and knick knack Christmas tree from deavita.

Choose and use several colors and ribbon patterns to arrange them into a Christmas tree ornament that can be applied to cinnamon. To beautify this ornament, you can add a star accent on the top, after everything is installed properly then you can hang it on the Christmas tree this winter. Colorful ribbon ornament Christmas tree with star accent from deavita.

Do you have more small cookie cutters? If so, then you can use one of them as a Christmas ornament that can be used as a sweet little decoration. You can enhance the look with knick-knack and a plaid ribbon with a splash of red and white. Christmas cookie cutter ornament from thepioneerwoman.

See, it is absolutely effortless to make DIY decorations for Christmas. Come and give it a go!

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