30 Simple DIY Decorations for Christmas

Simplicity in making DIY decorations for Christmas is all on your hands. You can grab several unexpected things and make a huge difference to your space for Christmas celebration. Unique things can definitely be handmade by yourself. All you need to do is listing the things you plan to make and preparing available and affordable materials for them.

Here is our recommendation on simple DIY decorations for Christmas.

1. Embroidered Door Mat

You can surely make your own homemade outdoor Christmas decorations, and an embroidered doormat certainly adds the chicness on your space. Pick some unique welcoming words, like hello, hi or Merry Christmas. You can simply buy one on the nearby store, but doing it by yourself is much more fun.

To decorate a Christmas-themed home, you can add a homemade door mat for maximum effect. Choosing materials from coir and complemented by holiday inscriptions will welcome your guests. Holidays Door Mat from @thebloomingnest

The DIY Christmas mat in the image above is very eye-catching and eye-catching. Choosing materials from coir and adding Christmas inscriptions can welcome your guests with a festive feeling. DIY Christmas Mat from @our.valley.home

Patio decoration using this classic Christmas door mat will match the style of your home. You can make this door mat yourself from coconut coir and add the words MERRY CHRISTMAS to produce a charming decoration. Classic Christmas Door Mat from @harbourstudioco

Decorating your front porch by adding this handmade doormat will bring Christmas into your home. Selecting material from red coir and adding text it will look amazing and beautiful. DIY Red Christmas Door Mat from @thehidden_harthouse

This handmade Christmas themed Door Mat looks awesome and will catch the eye of every guest who walks by. making this yourself will not cost a lot and will certainly increase your creativity. DIY Christmas Door Mat from @artistichomedeco

If you are going to use a door mat to welcome Christmas this year, then you can choose a mat with writing to make a beautiful decoration. This mat also has a layer of rugs that will make the look even cuter. Layered Christmas Door Mat from @thedoormatcompany

Choose and use a Christmas themed doormat to welcome your guests for the holiday season all winter long. This mat features MERRY BRIGHT lettering and has a checkered background that will make any design stand out. Door Mat and Buffalo Rug from @lindseyleighsmith

This natural coir door mat can be used as an initial welcome for guests or family who come to the house. You could use a mat that has a holiday touch or one that says Merry Christmas, for example. Merry Christmas Door Mat from @chelledesignco

This handmade door mat will look even more fun and can be customized to your liking. Now you can incorporate the Santa Claus motif to produce a beautiful door mat decoration. Santa Pattern Door Mat from @thescentedmermaid

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2. Paper Ornaments

Collect your paper collections and start making Christmas-themed paper ornaments. Some fun things like occupying origami papers or cut-and-paste activities to your DIY projects surely brings fascination. You can get started by listing Christmas ornaments. Then, make patterns and draw. Décor your ornaments and hang them on your Christmas tree!

This Christmas decoration using paper will make an interesting design for you to try. Made of paper, it is environmentally friendly and can be the center of attention of every guest who comes. Customize with your creativity to create the perfect design. Christmas Paper Ornament from @brankamiletic

Do you need an ornament to spice up your Christmas tree design? If so, then you can use colorful Christmas balls made of origami paper. Combine some origami paper to make cute round shapes to decorate your Christmas decorations. DIY Paper Origame Ball from @comficozi

The next DIY Christmas decorations that you can make are two paper houses with a choice of different paper colors. You can change the choice of red and white paper colors into snowflake decorations to enhance the appearance of this paper Christmas house. Paper Ornament Snowflake from @quilled4u

You can use white paper and beads as the main materials to make the perfect Christmas decorations. Forming an angel ornament that is hung on this Christmas tree is able to give a beautiful appearance. Angel Paper Ornament from @brankamiletic

Another paper ornament that can beautify your Christmas tree is a DIY folded paper tree that has a green color. Complete this paper Christmas tree with glitter all over the tree for a pretty and stylish result. Folding Paper Christmas Tree from @specialbranchcollective

Snowflakes are one of the decorations commonly used in winter home decor. You can make them out of red and green paper and combine them into snowflakes to use as decorations for your Christmas tree this season. Handmade Chritsmas Snowflake from @trend_d_by_myrna

Don’t let your tree look plain and boring, you can glue on some paper decorations with metallic gold snowflake patterns. Choosing this color will stand out and be the center of attention. Gold Snowflake Paper Ornament from @brankamiletic

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3. Hanging Pinecones

Hanging ornaments are always related to paper-based details. You can also use your scrabble tiles and surprisingly: pinecones! You can simply hang some of them on the Christmas tree or make another interesting ornament from them, like pinecone reindeer! Cute, aren’t they?

This DIY pinecone, painted red and added with gold ribbon, makes for an interesting Christmas tree decoration for you to try out. Making it yourself will look beautiful and to your heart’s desire. Red Paint Pinecone from @heartingreens

If you want to turn a pinecone into a pretty Christmas ornament, the first thing you can do is paint it with glitter. These are simple ideas that you can try to decorate for Christmas this time. Glitter Pinecone from @alexey__t

Take advantage of evergreen trees in your home for beautiful decorations that can be used as home decor ornaments in winter. You can make these pinecones in the shape of a Christmas tree for a cute design. Pine Cone Chritmas Tree from @senclassroom

Repaint the pinecone ornament gold, while waiting for it to dry you can prepare other materials such as lace and white ribbons. You can make it yourself to produce beautiful and stylish Christmas ornaments. Gold Pinecone Ornament from @pristineart31

Turn your pinecone ornament into a mini, glittering Christmas tree. You can hang these pinecones on your Christmas tree for maximum results. In addition to being inexpensive, these pinecone ornaments are also easier to find at a craft store near your home. Glitter Pinecone Ornament from @johann_wanner

Turn your spruce head into a cute deer head with a bow tie and oversized doll eyes. Hanging on this Christmas tree can be a beautiful decoration. Deer head Pinecone Ornament from @connaughtvillage

4. Light Bulb Christmas Ball

Having unused light bulbs around the corner but still have no idea what to do? Keep calm. Those light bulbs can definitely make a perfect decoration for your Christmas celebration: light bulb Christmas balls! Make sure you clean the bulbs and leave no both electrical and non-electrical residues. Then decorate according to your wishes.

So easy and so easy to find around you, Christmas decoration light bulbs will never go out of style. Choosing to color the bulbs and in sunbrust form this results in lovely Christmas ornaments for you to try on. Colorful Sunbrust Bulb from @whitechristmaswreaths

If you have spare light bulbs, you can use them to make inexpensive but very elegant DIY Christmas accessories. Painting with this winter theme will also balance out your Christmas look. Add ribbon for a pretty design. Winter Paint Bulb Paint from @emdesign_store

Don’t miss out, you should also paint a snowman’s face on this Christmas light bulb accessory. The selection of these ornaments will make your Christmas look even more festive and easy for you to try yourself. Snowman Paint Bulb from @emdesign_store

Try decorating light bulbs with paint and Christmas ornaments. You can fill it with pine needles and berries for a beautiful and stylish bulb decoration. Place it on the tray to display your DIY. Christmas Luminous Pendant from @phomellohome

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5. Ribbon and Knick knack

Chic decorating items aren’t always made from paper. You can also use your ribbon and beads. Make some pretty things, like dolls, pine trees, reindeer and snowman from ribbon and knick knack . You can simply put them on the cabinet or hang them for your DIY Christmas tree decorations!

To celebrate Christmas in your home, simply use ribbons and pinecones for an interesting Christmas design. This white ribbon tied around a pinecone makes for an attractive home display and a lovely Christmas glow. Ribbon and Pinecone from @emediycraft

If you have ribbons and knick-knacks, you can use them to make decorative balls that you can hang in the Christmas tree area. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has an interesting look for you to try. Ribbon Ornament from @jennylynnandcompany

Select and use gray ribbon to string it into a pinecone decoration that can be applied to your Christmas tree. This design is easy for you to try because it produces a charming Christmas room decoration. Ribbon Pinecone from @swallowcrafts

To boost your creativity, you can make a bouquet of these ribbons yourself for an interesting design. This white color choice will also provide a clean and tidy wreath design. Don’t forget to add a snowman accent for the perfect Christmas decoration. Ribbon Snowman Wreath from @yourwreathgirl

See, it is absolutely effortless to make DIY decorations for Christmas. Come and give it a go!


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