How to Present Rattan Material for Your Home Decoration

To bring natural material to your home, you can use many things that come from nature. Of course, that will be varied. From all of the material possibilities, you can choose rattan material that could be made into many stuff. Another interesting thing about rattan is that it could be added to any home decoration style from the modern, Bohemian, to rustic. You can adjust the rattan to have a certain impression that you want. You can do this by giving the color and the pattern that the rattan can create. For you who have a modern home decoration, presenting rattan material can make your home be seen as more welcoming and calming. Here are some possibilities that you can have in presenting the rattan to your home decoration.


It can be said that furniture is the most common stuff that you can have by using rattan material. Let’s say that you can have the chair rattan material with varied designs and shapes. Then, you can have a swing which will be awesome. You can get extra coziness to your spot by having the swing. Also, the table is one of the furniture kinds that you can have with rattan material. The designs of that furniture can be adjusted based on the style that you want to have.

Hanging Chair from Homebnc

Wicker Shelves from Homebnc

Round Coffee Table from Homebnc

Lounge Chair from Homebnc

White Rattan Plant Stand from Homebnc

Mini Rattan Cabinet from Homebnc

Rattan Daybed from Homebnc

Rattan Boho Baby Shelf from Homebnc

Rattan Table from Homebnc

Pod Chair from Homebnc

Yellow Furniture Set from Homebnc

Rattan Foot Stool from Homebnc

Round Table from Completely-coastal

Arm Chairs from Completely-coastal

Dining Chairs from Completely-coastal

Rattan Bed Frame from Completely-coastal

Rattan Coffee Table from Completely-coastal

Wicker Sofa from Completely-coastal

Rattan Bench from Homesthetics

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The ornament is another stuff possibility that you can have with rattan material. You can even get the aesthetic impression with the ornament that is made of rattan. The ornament itself could be varied where you can have the wall ornament or table ornament. Add colors there so that the ornament can be really proper. Or, you can add it with accessories to give extra prettiness. Check out the following ornament inspirations that are made of rattan.

Painted Rattan Wall Art from Shelterness

DIY Rattan Baskets with Neon Embroidery from Shelterness

Round Rattan Wall Decor from Marthastewart

Rattan Wreath from Thepioneerwoman

Lighted Rattan Ball Ornament from Mydesiredhome

Jack-o Ornament from Sadieseasongoods

Wicker Rattan Wall Decor from Shelterness

Wicker Basket Centerpiece from Shelterness

Displaying Pinecones and Lights from Shelterness

Rattan Tray Wreath from Shelterness

Round Rattan Tray Centerpiece from Shelterness

Painted Rattan Basket from Shelterness

Decorative Rattan Centerpiece from Shelterness

Rattan And Greeneries Wreath from Shelterness

Rattan Box Door Hanger from Shelterness

Home Accessories

Well, besides the furniture and ornament, it is also really possible for you to have home accessories that are made of rattan. The home accessories come in varied stuff from the wall clock, mirror frame, planter, candle holder, and more. You’ll be amazed about how the small and simple stuff can add so much beauty to your home decoration. The following images can give you the references in case you intend to present the rattan to your home decoration in a small part only.

Round Wall Clock from Apartmenttherapy

Mirror Frame from Shelterness

Wall Clock from Shelterness

Candle Holder from Shelterness

Round Rattan Clock from Shelterness

Napkins Holder from Shelterness

Painted Rattan Planter from Shelterness

Painted Rattan Basket from Shelterness

Rattan Mirror Frame from Vintageindustrialstyle

Rattan Tray from Vintageindustrialstyle

Round Lighting from Vintageindustrialstyle

Pendant Light from Digsdigs

Wicker Rattan Basket from Digsdigs

Rattan Basket from Digsdigs

Double Pendant Light from Architectureartdesigns

Conch Shell Shape Pendant Light from Architectureartdesigns


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