How to Decorate Your ‘Near the Window’ Cozy Spot

Are you having only such a small home space and need more space for a certain purpose? Well, here utilizing the space near the window will be such a good idea. You’ll be amazed as this small space can be maximized to have value and function. Let’s say that you can use it as your cozy spot by simply putting some seating, bench, pillows, or throw blanket. It will be even greater if you provide a build-in bench there. Add the pad for your bench to make yourself feel comfortable. Also, you can use the space for your reading nook or breakfast corner. Don’t forget that enjoying a cup of tea or coffee there will also be awesome since you can enjoy the scenery outside the window. Here are the ‘near the window’ spot decoration ideas that you can have!

A small window bench will be the most popular chair in this relaxing sitting room. The arched ceiling and pale neutral blue color palette create a very relaxed and serene atmosphere throughout this room. Complete the decor with some patterned pillows to give the impression of a warm and comfortable room in the corner of this living room. Clasic Near Window from housebeautiful

The wallpaper light blue, gray and green are ideal for the bedroom and the sloping ceiling around the window seat makes it even more comfortable. Don’t forget to add a pedant that hangs just above the corner also serves as a perfect additional reading light. On the side of this bench you can add a small side table that you can use to put piles of books and flowers in a vase to complete the decoration near this window. Wallpaper Attic Near Window from housebeautiful.

The ceiling above the window seat provides a delightful home treat in this charming bathroom. Choose this nautical flair design, bold turquoise and white stripes will liven up any space. Complete the look with a comfortable sitting area and antique cabinets to create a beautiful room decor that will attract the attention of many. Turquoise and White Stripes Ceiling from housebeautiful.

If you want your window seat to do more than just sit and look beautiful adding internal storage is a great idea for you to try in this decor. Choosing nine drawers and two cabinets on this bench is a brilliant idea that you should try and will result in neat and uncluttered room decor. At the top of the bench, you can add some patterned pillows to create a comfortable and inviting room design. Drawer Storage from housebeautiful.

This wide-angle will draw attention to the charming and calming outside scenery. All it takes is a few blankets and pillows for optimal comfort, overhead light, and a side table to put your books and glasses on. This dark-colored soft pad will also provide an attractive appearance for you to try. This white color scheme and a wooden floor will give it a perfectly modern look. Built-in Windows from housebeautiful.

If you don’t have a window seat that hits an alcove or under a sloping ceiling, adding a special bench in the corner makes it feel cozy and inviting. Choose a U-shaped bench and it is equipped with soft pillows and several patterned pillows to give a warm impression in this corner of the window. This blue patterned wallpaper also balances the decor and gives it a fresh look. Windows Seating Area from housebeautiful.

A window seat with a view is the best type of window seat for you to try in your home decor. To get maximum results you use an all-white scheme and some soft pillows to create a comfortable impression throughout your room. This will be your favorite place to spend time while having a cup of tea in the morning. This scone lamp will also provide dramatic lighting in this room. Widow Seat with View from housebeautiful.

This cozy window seat is a clever built-in made of two drawer units. Each is firmly bolted to the wall for increased stability. The shelves between each of these units will add strength and function. This is a brilliant idea for decorating furniture by the window. This storage also makes it easier for you to store a collection of books that you can easily carry while relaxing on this bench. Hack Window Seat from thespruce.

Create a book corner near the living room window for a cozy and inviting room decor idea. The narrow ceiling provides ample space to relax with your favorite reading. Complementing the look with some pillows and blankets will also warm your body while in this room. These large windows and sconces will bring a natural and calming feel to this small room. Reading Nook from thespruce.

In this basement playroom, each window features a bunk bed-style window seat that’s comfortable for reading and napping. At the bottom of this bench, there is a storage drawer for storing toys and books. Brass window mirrors and ocean wave-inspired wallpaper make a large room feel like a cabin on a ship. This is an interesting room decoration idea for you to try so that it will make your child comfortable and at home in this room. Playroom Window Seat Idea from thespruce.

This window seat paired with the built-in bookshelf in this living room creates a cozy and eye-catching window space. The reason is, choosing this built-in storage cabinet will provide a neat and uncluttered room design and will make it easier for you to store some of your ornaments. Two small wall scones in a linen color will add a subtle glow to this room. Traditional Window Seat with Storage from thespruce.

This cozy children’s bedroom window has great views. You can take advantage of natural light coming into the room for bright and bright decorating ideas. Combine it with a small seating area and complete with a few pillows and blankets for a warm and cozy room decor idea. Near this window, you can add a storage unit, table, and window seat to fit one person. Natural Light from thespruce.

When designing this home gym, adding a window sitting area is a perfect room decor idea that you should try. Built-in window seating with cubic storage makes the most of every square inch. Adding this gym equipment storage to the bottom of this bench will make for a beautiful and well-maintained room decor. Implementing this storage will keep the floor space clutter-free and clean. Gym Window Seat from thespruce.

The window seat can be used in any room. In the picture above, taking advantage of a comfortable corner of the room by adding a small bench complete with several pillows will present a beautiful and comfortable decoration. Underneath is handy storage for bathroom essentials like toilet paper and clean towels. A thick seat cushion like a mattress makes this chair very attractive and comfortable for you to apply to the decoration of this room. Bathroom Window Seat from thespruce.

This particular reading nook is a great place to relax while reading a book. This pink tuffed headrest will also attract the attention of everyone who comes to your home. While the wallpaper certainly animates the walls and will give a unique and bold look. These pink curtains also provide the perfect contrast to this window décor. Add Headboard from housebeautiful.

A nursery may be the ideal place for a cheerful window seat. Adding a bench equipped with some colorful cushions and storage drawers will make the decor of the room comfortable and keep it tidy. The design combines colorful fabrics with bright patterns to create the perfect place for nursing or just sitting and relaxing. Storage drawers below create ample space for diapers and other nursery essentials. Nursery Window Seat from thespruce.

The ample window corners make for the perfect space for a window seat at home. This U-shaped stool will be a comfortable room decoration to spend a cup of coffee with your friends. Printed wallpaper with an aquamarine trellis pattern adds to the charm of this window seat and will attract everyone who enters your home. U-Shaped Seating Area from thespruce.

The corner of the room near the window which is equipped with a dining area provides a beautiful decoration of the room and steals the attention of many people. A blue curved sofa and a round wooden coffee table complete your décor and will add a natural touch to the room. Metal chandeliers and natural lighting from sunlight can make the room brighter and look wider. Dining Room Window Seat from countryliving.

Making this sofa gap offers a window display that catches your eye. Applying some of these pillows and blankets will give the impression of a warm and comfortable room. This floor storage basket will also make for neat and clutter-free decor. This blue color scheme and sconces bring the illusion of a bright room and dramatic lighting into this reading nook. Pillow and Blanket Window Seat from countryliving.

The pine pedestal table and the built-in chairs and benches in this living room will create a sense of comfort and entice friends and family members to take their eyes off of watching TV. This is an interesting window decoration that you can try and give a sophisticated look to your entire room. A round coffee table complete with flowers in a vase and several cups will produce a charming and fresh design. Living Room Window Seat from countryliving.

Adding a daybed to the corner of this house will create a comfortable room design to spend time enjoying the view and enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s a trendy corner decor with a nice view of the courtyard. Some of these plush and patterned pillows and blankets will make a warm and cozy room decor. This yellow and green color scheme will also help give the impression of a bright and lightroom. Daybed Window Seat from countryliving.

This recliner that is pushed into the windowpane is the right solution for you to try in decorating this room. Complete with some patterned pillows and this small side table will complete the look of your corner of the house. These high floor-to-ceiling curtains also help you protect yourself from the sun that enters through your windows. Reading Nook Window Seat from countryliving.

A cozy nook in the living room of this country house includes a rustic daybed with a duvet and pillows in earthy colors. The blue-grey color scheme combined with the reading light shining overhead is perfect for curling up with a good book. This small window which is equipped with dark color curtains is also able to balance the appearance of this near window. Blue-Grey Color Scheme from elledecor.

Thin striped pillows and polka-dotted walls blend into this mudroom window seat. Choosing a modern beach house style combined with traditional vintage charm will result in a unique and eye-catching room decor. A small bench complete with soft pillows and several wicker basket storage places can provide a comfortable and inviting room design. Polkadot Wall Near Window from elledecor.

This window seat in the farmhouse mudroom is both attractive and functional. This egg blue trim and seating will offer greenery peeking out from the lush backyard. Equipped with several pillows and shoe storage at the bottom of the bench, this will result in comfortable room decoration and look neater. This is a great way to take advantage of a unique and trendy window corner. Farmhouse Mud Room from elledecor.

The sky-high ceilings and large windows flood the stairs with natural light, creating the perfect setting for relaxing in a window seat. Adding a bench equipped with soft pillows will create the impression of a warm and comfortable room that you should try. The beige color scheme on this staircase will also give a warm and warm impression to the entire room. Staircase Windows Seat from elledecor.

Modern window seats feature ocean-inspired colors and beach prints. Equipped with several pillows and blankets will also give a comfortable impression, the built-in storage with this white basket will make the appearance look neat and not messy. The light palette makes for a quiet space to relax after a day by the sea. This small side table will also help you put your coffee cup down easily. Coastal Near Window from elledecor

The family seating area includes a spacious wooden bench with cushions for comfort. Placing this bench near the window will also offer a view while letting sunlight into the house. This design is a great way to take advantage of a cozy and inviting window corner. U-shaped wooden bench equipped with several pillows and a wicker basket at the bottom will make them look attractive and trendy. Wooden Bench from elledecor.

A dining corner blends in with the comfortable window seats, creating a space to eat and relax at the same time. This is a brilliant way for you to try this modern home decor. With an attractive outdoor view, it will give a natural and fresh impression. Choosing a corner sofa complete with several chairs and an oval-shaped dining table will give a comfortable impression to your entire room. Dining Corner Windows from elledecor.

In a lively apartment, Adding an antique daybed located just below the large window absorbs natural light. This is a perfect room decoration idea that will steal the attention of many people. Starting with adding some pillows, it will give a warm and cozy feel. This small side table complete with greenery will help you give a fresh and natural touch to the room. Antique Windows Seat from elledecor.

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