40 Ideas in Installing the Open Shelves to Your Any Home Space

As one of the furniture kinds that are used to store things, the open shelves have the value that could be special and recommended for you to have it. What are those? The first one is from its design where the style is in an open form where there won’t be any doors installed. This kind of shelf will make it possible to be utilized as the storage and the spot to display the ornament or collection to beautify your home decoration. The second one, the open shelves also can give you an easy to put and take something because you can see the stuff directly so that you can take anything you want there easily. Then, the open shelves are also really possible to give a spacious effect to your small home space.

Some of you might think that the open shelves will be boring because it doesn’t have a special design. We will let you know that the shelves can also be designed into varied designs that come from the materials, the shelf space design, the form of the shelf space, the colors, and the placement. You can even have the shelf design style that is based on your home decoration styles like modern, farmhouse, boho, and more. You can simply play with the colors and texture for that. You will be amazed by our shelf designs ideas below. Make sure that you look at the design and the placement to know more about the art side of having the open shelves.

White Open Shelf from bhg

Wooden Open Shelving from bhg

Open Shelving for Kitchens from bhg

Open Shelving for Bathrooms from bhg

Open Shelving for Bedrooms from bhg

Dark Wooden Open Shelf from trendir

Open Shelf Home Office from trendir

Modern Open Shelf from trendir

Nook Open Shelf from trendir

Glass Jar Open Shelf from trendir

Small Open Shelf from trendir

from trendir

Sleek Open Shelf from trendir

Open Shelf Coffee Station from trendir

Open Cabinet from trendir

Built-in Open Shelves from trendir

Reclaimed Wooden Shelf from trendir

White Open Shelf Storage from trendir

Natural Wooden Shelves from trendir

Open Shelf Storage from southernliving

Natural Light Open Shelves from homebnc

Bright White Open Shelf from homebnc

Hanging Open Shelf from homebnc

Small Open Shelf from homebnc

Multi-Depth Shelving from homebnc

Copper Piping Built-in Shelving Unit from homebnc

Vintage Rounded Sink Shelves from homebnc

Rustic Wooden Shelves from homebnc

Wrought-Iron Mounted Shelves from homebnc

Minimalist Open Shelves  from homebnc

Dark Wood and Iron Corner Shelves from homebnc

Wooden Open Shelf and Iron Basket from homebnc

Coca-Cola Mini Shelf from homebnc

Curved Corner Shelves from homebnc

Open Shelf Cabinet from homedit

Open Shelf Kitchen Decor Ideas from homedit

Open Shelf with Hidden Light from homedit

Glass Open Shelf from homedit

Wooden Beam Open Shelf from homedit

White Cabinet Open Shelving from homedit

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