50 Ideas for Your Countertop Organizing

Besides preparing the ingredient when cooking, you can surely use the countertop to organize your kitchen stuff like appliances, snacks, beverages, herbs, and more. The countertop will be really useful to store things especially if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen. However, we do recommend you organize the things on the countertop with some consideration. For example, we recommend you to put the kitchen appliances that are most used there, where you have the purpose here to place something that you really need daily so that they are easy to reach.

Anyway, in storing or organizing the things there, you will need storage, right? Well, for the countertop organizing, you don’t need to provide something in effort. Here, you can simply provide the holders, jars, tray, simple rack, and more. Just make sure that you provide something that won’t make your countertop be seen as crowded especially if you have only a small size countertop. We will show you some proper countertop organizing that you can follow and easy for sure.

Pitchers Utensils Holder from Homebnc

Double Stacked Woven Tray from Homebnc

Three Tiered Wire Basket from Homebnc

Oversized Cookie Jars for Coffee and Tea from Homebnc

Lazy Susan with Utensil Crocks and Seasonings from Homebnc

Corner Shelving from Homebnc

Vintage Milk Carrier with Mason Jars from Homebnc

Galvanized Metal Tray for Oils and Seasonings from Homebnc

Three Tiered Lazy Susan for Tea and Snacks from Homebnc

Tall Metal Basket from Homebnc

Wire Baskets Fruit Storage from Homebnc

Two Tiered Wood and Wire Shelf from Homebnc

Old Wash Pan to Hold Cookbooks and Utensils from Homebnc

Stacked Brushed Metal Corner Shelving from Homebnc

Wooden Rack with Wire Basket from littlepieceofme

Wooden Crate Organizing from littlepieceofme

Three-Tiered Shelf from Decoratedlife

Wooden Wine Rack from Decoratedlife

Woven Tray Storage from Decoratedlife

Metal Countertop Shelves from Decoratedlife

Wooden Utensils Holder from Decoratedlife

Free Standing Shelf from Decoratedlife

Wooden Box Kitchen Countertop Organizing from homebnc

Organized Backsplash Shelf from homebnc

Wrie Basket Tiered Tray from homemydesign

Galvanize Tiered Tray from homemydesign

Rattan Tray Storage from homemydesign

Galvanize Utilities Holder from homemydesign

Large Glass Jar Organizing from homemydesign

Repurpose Drawer Storage from homemydesign

Baby Bottle Storage from Familyhandyman

Riser Shelf from Familyhandyman

Layered Fruit Basket from Familyhandyman

Metal Rack from Familyhandyman

Metal Basket Fruit Organizer from Amazinginteriordesign

Glass Jar Storage from Amazinginteriordesign

Wooden Box Storage from Decorhomeideas

Wire Basket for Oil Storage from Decorhomeideas

Black Wire Shelves from Decorhomeideas

Wooden Knife Holder from Home-designing

White Rack organizing from Thisoldhouse

Wooden and Wire Drawer from Decorhomeideas

Book Knife Storage from Decorhomeideas

Tiered Old Pendant Light Fruit Storage from Decorhomeideas

White Ceramic Utilities Holder from Decorhomeideas

Tiered Galvanize Countertop Organizing from Bloominghomestead

Soaps and Sponges Organizer from Homebnc

Pink Dish Rack from Homebnc

Countertop Spice and Bottle Organizer from Homebnc

Two-Tiered Storage Rack from Homebnc

Kitchen Wrap Organizing Rack from Homebnc

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