Interior Design 101: The Basics

Designing your home can present a set of challenges, especially for those who are new to interior design. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind, from the decorating style and the function it needs to serve to your budget and your capabilities. Transform your home by taking on board the following advice.


Start your interior design project by establishing your expectations. Take some time to consider what you want to achieve. Think about your needs and desires when it comes to your living space. Work out whether you have a favourite design style and what elements you want to incorporate into your design. Come up with a timescale for the project too. Think about when you want the work to be finished by. Do you have an end date or event in mind?


Consider the functionality of the room or rooms that you are trying to design. Think about the demands of the room. Determine what the room will be used for and how often it has to serve this purpose. For example, do you need to host often, or is the space for relaxing? Look for design solutions that maximize said functionality and make the most of the space. 

Seek Help

Think about whether your budget allows you to hire a professional if you are struggling to do the project yourself. Take your initial thoughts, instincts, and desires to an interior designer. Remember to choose a designer that gets your vision and who understands your aesthetic. Check out J Fisher Interiors for interior design in Austin. Know that they can help you with what you need for your interior design solutions. 

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Style & Theme

Choose a theme to unify the design elements in your home. Create harmony and cohesion by taking the theme throughout your home. Look into different design styles to choose your favorite. Do some research using the internet and interior design publications. Find inspiration and create mood boards. Pick out elements that you want to emulate or things to avoid. Think about whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist and where you fall on the design scale. 


Consider your resources and come up with a realistic budget. Stick to the budget to avoid spending too much money. Work out an estimate before you start the project. Remain within your means. Factor in your timescale, too; the quicker you want the work done, the more you will have to pay. Look for dupes or hacks to save money or do the work yourself instead of hiring professionals.

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