60 Ideas to Decorate Your Newborn Baby Room

Having a baby is such a blessing and it is really exciting to prepare for the room. There will be so many cute things that you find inside your newborn baby’s room. That is why doing the decoration for this is really fun. However, you should consider the gender of the baby if you want to prepare the room. The baby boy and baby girl’s room will be different when it is seen from the color scheme and the ornament or accessories provided. Here we will tell you more about the baby boy’s room and baby girl’s room decoration.

Baby Boy’s Room

For the baby boy’s room, you can choose the blue color, grey, black, white, or beige. Then, you can apply the ornament that is related to cartoon figures, animals, and more. You can have it for the ornament, doll, or accessories. Go down for the complete design references.

Navy Nuance from Morningchores

Starry Night Themed from Morningchores

Modern Baby Boy Room from Morningchores

Plain Baby Boy Room from Morningchores

Outdoor Themed from Morningchores

Bold Name from Morningchores

Wild Animal Wallpaper from Morningchores

Superhero Themed from Morningchores

Arrows Wallpaper from Morningchores

Astronomical Baby Boy Room from Morningchores

Harry Potter Themed from Morningchores

Colorful Ceiling from Morningchores

Whale Theme from Morningchores

Koala Themed from Morningchores

Cloud Wallpaper from Morningchores

Bold and Blue Themed from Morningchores

Animal Doll from Morningchores

Monochrome Nordic Themed from Morningchores

Star Wars Themed from Morningchores

Teepees and Cactus Themed from Morningchores

A Small World Themed from Morningchores

Rain and Shine Wall Art from Morningchores

Farmhouse Themed from Morningchores

Elephant Wall Art from Morningchores

Bold Crib from Morningchores

Banana Wallpaper from Morningchores

Yellow and Blue Nuance from Morningchores

Wooden Animal Wall Art from Morningchores

Ladybug Wallpaper from Morningchores

Nautical Themed from Morningchores

Giraffe Figure from Elledecor

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Baby Girl’s Room

For the baby girl, there will be more cute choices that you can have. For example, you can have a pink color scheme, orange, purple, green, and more. For the ornament to be added, you can have flowers, dolls, cute animals, and more. The following images are the ideas of the baby girl’s room that you can copy.

White and Pink Themed from Mydomaine

Pink Crib from Mydomaine

Floral Wallpaper from Mydomaine

Pink Flower Wallpaper from Mydomaine

Floral Wallpaper from Mydomaine

Purple Themed from Homestratosphere

Panda Doll from Homestratosphere

Blue and Pink Themed from Homestratosphere

Striped Wall from Homestratosphere

Peach Canopy from Homestratosphere

Polka dot Wallpaper from Homestratosphere

Butterfly and Doll Accent from Homestratosphere

Yellow Paper Flower from Homestratosphere

Pink Carpet and Wall from Homestratosphere

Purple Carpet and Flower Wallpaper from Homestratosphere

Soft Pink and White Themed from Homestratosphere

Colorful Garland from Homestratosphere

All of Pink Baby Girl Room from Homestratosphere

White and Pink Themed from Homestratosphere

Soft Pink Wall and Polka dot Furniture from Homestratosphere

Bright-colored Baby Girl Room from Momjunction

Green Baby Girl Room from Momjunction

Mint Green Nuance from Momjunction

Pink Baby Girl Room from Momjunction

Yellow Accessories from Davita

Soft Blue Baby Girl Room from Davita

Light Blue Wall from Davita

Lavender Accessories from Davita

Peach Themed from Davita

Flower Themed from Davita

Butterfly Themed from Davita

Sky Blue Baby Girl Room from Davita