4 Ways to Keep Your House Cool on a Budget

The summer season is characterized by rising temperatures that can heat up your home, thus forcing you to make multiple changes to ensure that your apartment remains cool and comfortable. When it comes to cooling our homes during summer, many of us rely on our AC. In fact, some of us take things further by cranking this cooling unit up to meet our home cooling needs.

Cranking up your AC or overreliance on this cooling unit during summer wouldn’t only exert too much pressure on the appliance, but it’ll also increase your energy bill. Rather than rely on an appliance that drains your wallet and causes so much noise in your home, we have put together some tips on how to keep your house cool on a budget.

1. Consider Smaller Units

There is a common misconception that the bigger, the better. However, when it comes to cooling your home, such a rule doesn’t apply. While a small unit like wifi window AC is eco-friendly, affordable, and can help you save cost on electric bills, a bigger AC can’t. A colossal AC unit can increase your energy bill, which is a disadvantage for your finances.

Bigger AC is ideal if you are migrating through every room or omnipresent. But, if you aren’t, consider a smaller unit. Many small AC units consume half the power of their bigger counterparts. So, we advise you to go for a wifi window AC to avoid wasting energy and unnecessary money.

2. Don’t cool an empty house.

Some of us like being greeted by cool air whenever we arrive home after a long time in the scorching sun. Because of this experience, whenever we leave our home for work, we often leave our AC on to cool an empty apartment. This is wrong.

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Always switch off your AC when you leave your house. There is no use leaving your AC on if nobody is at home. If you insist on leaving it on, turn the dial down to reduce the electrical consumption of your AC. Adopting the tactic can help save you power and prolong the lifespan of your appliance.

3. Shut the Blinds

When the sun rays start filtering into your home, shut the curtains, close the blinds or put up the awnings. Stop those rays of sunlight from coming in through your windows using any methods you can think of.

Don’t let your home become a scorching greenhouse. Reduce direct sunlight, and you’ll eliminate the heat in your home. Doing this reduces the workload on your AC, lowering your energy bill.

4. Limit Stove Use

Aside from the scorching sun, there are other things that can cause your home to heat up, and one of them is located in your kitchen. Your gas stove is a common source of household heat. It can increase the temperature in your home, turning your entire kitchen into a mini oven.

A good way to reduce the heat circulating your home is by limiting your stove use. Of course, we aren’t saying you shouldn’t cook. You can use your microwave to prepare your meal or go with the grill on extremely hot days. While on cool days, you can turn on your gas stove and cook.


Your AC is one of the many appliances that consume a huge chunk of electricity in your home. Over-reliance or the misuse of this cooling system can add a few hundred dollars to your already-high utility bill, straining your finances in the process. Rather than lose sleep over high utility bills, why not consider the tips above to cool your home during summer without racking up too much energy bills. 


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