Interior Design Trends to Try This Spring

If you’re someone who loves the idea of new beginnings, spring is an excellent time to try something new. After a few months of staying warm indoors in the winter, you might feel ready to give your home a little bit of a revamping. Good interior design is the pinnacle of a space that not only feels like home but that also looks fresh and up to date. Regardless of if you’re planning on selling your house soon or not, keeping your interior design on point is going to up the value of your home which is beneficial in more ways than not. If you’re on the lookout for some interior design trends to consider for the spring, we’ve got you covered. 

Natural Textures and Decor

Some design features that have been very popular in homes recently are natural textures and decorations. A few things that can be considered “natural” include wicker and rattan-style furniture and pieces. For instance, some ideas include a kitchen rug or a lampshade of this specific material/style. To further build on the natural look, consider adding in some house plants and nature-inspired wall art. This look is very easy to achieve and can be as affordable as you need it to be. Wicker/rattan style pieces as well as nature-inspired art can be found just about anywhere, including Etsy!

Eclectic Gallery Walls

Does your home have a lot of blank wall space? Why not try something new this spring by implementing a gallery wall. A gallery wall is exactly what it sounds like––a wall featuring a variety of different pieces of art and decoration. Feel free to style it with different prints, photographs, and other wall decorations of all different shapes and sizes. The best part of a gallery wall is that it’s exactly what you want it to be. If you’re feeling more conservative about your wall space, then start with 4 or 5 pieces of art that have a specific theme. As you feel more comfortable, try being more creative with the pieces that you incorporate. 

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Warm Color Palettes

For a while, cooler color palettes were popular in most homes. Some of these shades included blues, bright whites, and grays and were seen on wall colors and decorations alike. These days, warmer tones are taking over. Browns and earthier tones are coming into style and for good reasons. They provide a more natural look and pair very well with the ideas listed above. Some shades to consider are browns, deep oranges, creams, and olive greens. This spring, if you’re considering redecorating, choose items that fall within a warmer color palette. Some fresh wall paint might also be in order!

Smart Features

When it comes to interior design, the look of your space shouldn’t be your only priority. Smart features are an excellent way to make your home feel more comfortable and appear more valuable. Additionally, smart home additions can even increase the eco-friendly factor of your house. Some ideas include [smart] lighting, irrigation systems, surround sounds, and home security systems. 

Want your space to feel fresh this spring? Try out some of these interior design ideas! Your home will feel like a breath of fresh air after having to spend extended periods of time indoors during the colder, winter months!


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