55 Ideas for Private Pool Bar Design

Spending your time at your pool feels really perfect during summer. Well, it might be possible for you to go to the beach but you can’t go there every day, right? The flexible one to refresh your body during the sunny days will be the pool. If you have a private pool at your house, then make sure that you prepare it well from the cleanliness to the other facilities like some seating and a private bar! If you want to make some fun this summer, then just be extra. Providing a private pool bar will be such a great idea and can give you some fun for sure. You can juggle your private pool feels like a beach club which is amazing, right?

In providing the private pool bar, you can have it by installing the chairs and the island. That will be the complete and perfect one. However, if that is impossible for you then don’t be worried because there is still a way to handle that. Well, you might need to save your budget so that installing a complete pool bar will be too much for you. Or, you might have limited space in your pool which makes it impossible for you to add the island. The way to cover those problems is by utilizing the border side of your pool. In this case, you can utilize it as your island then you can simply install the stools there. For effectiveness, you can choose the side that is not often skipped. Here we have varied references for the private pool bar designs that you can copy based on your needs and capability. Enjoy!

Mosaic Pool Bar from Woohome

Square Bar Stool from Woohome

Ceramic Bat Table from Woohome

Wave Bar Table from Woohome

Stone Bar Table from Woohome

Swimming Poll Bar from Woohome

Wooden Pool Bar from Woohome

Round Bar Stool from Woohome

White Themed Poll Bar from Woohome

Flagstone Poll Bar from Onekindesign

White Poll Bar from Onekindesign

Rectangular Bar Table from Onekindesign

Modern Poll Bar from Onekindesign

Black Marble Poll Bar from Onekindesign

Vintage Poll Bar from Onekindesign

Black Tile Bar Table from Architectureartdesigns

Large Curved Bar Table from Architectureartdesigns

Tile Bar Table from Architectureartdesigns

Floating Bar Stool from Architectureartdesigns

Rustic Pool Bar from Housely

Round Bar Stool from Deavita

Lighted Poll Bar from Deavita

Swimming Poll Bar with Shade from Deavita

Semi-circle Poll Bar from Deavita

Blue Poll Bar from Deavita

Curved Concrete Bar Table from Deavita

Farmhouse Poll Bar from Nextluxury

Letter U Bar Table from Architecturendesign

Mosaic Bar Stool from Architecturendesign

Rectangular Bar Stool from Housely

Metal Bar Stool from Housely

Long Bar Table from Housely

Curved Bar Poll from Housely

Natural Stone Bar from Housely

Ceramic Bar Table from Architectureartdesigns

Round Mosaic Bar Stool from Architectureartdesigns

Concrete Bar Table from Onekindesign

Blue Bar Stool from Onekindesign

Stone Bar Table from Digitaltrends

Round Bar Table from Digitaltrends

Light Blue Bar Stool from Woohome

Stone Bar Stool from Morningchores

Minimalist Pool Bar from Housely

Concrete Pool Bar Table from Nextluxury

Round Bar Stool from Deavita

Swim-up Bar from Onekindesign

Black Mosaic Poll Bar from Avso

Blue Pool Bar from Thewowdecor

Round Pool Bar from Thewowdecor

Floating Bar Table from Thewowdecor

Medium Bar Table from Thewowdecor

Metal Bar Stool from Thewowdecor

Three Bar Stool Bar from Aspicyboycatandmyfatass

Ceramic Bar Stool from Aspicyboycatandmyfatass

Grey Stone Pool Bar from Aspicyboycatandmyfatass

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