5 Potential Signs Your House Needs a Roof Repair

A sturdy roof keeps you and your family safe at all times! However, with time, many factors, including aging, lost shingles, and dinged-up spots can damage your roof, calling for an urgent repair. 

Though things often look fine from the ground, you may skip some serious underlying issues in your roof area. Here we share seven potential signs that your house needs a roof repair or even replacement in some cases. Read on. 

Lost or Cracked Shingles 

Shingles are the roof covering with overlapping elements that most houses are covered with. Due to external factors like heavy winds and rain, shingles often become weak, resulting in cracks, and often get lost. If you are noticing missing shingles from your roof, it’s a potential sign that you might need a roof repair. This issue does not require a roof replacement until the cause of missing shingles is its old age. 

Grit in the Gutter 

In states like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, asphalt shingles are quite popular and are used by most homeowners. These roofs have grits embedded in their surface, which often loosens up and falls off due to sun and heavy wind. While dropping off a few granules is very normal, if you’re facing a heavy collection of these granules in every gutter fall, this may signify that your roof needs to be repaired. 

An Aged Roof 

The life expectancy of roofs is generally 20 to 25 years. If the roof of your house has reached its 20th or higher year and you are experiencing issues like missing shingles, daylight coming from the roof boards, water damage, dark streaks, and stains, you should consider replacing the roof. If you live anywhere near Pennsylvania, you can easily get good roofers in Bethlehem, PA, which provides an array of roof services at affordable prices. In most cases of aged roofs, homeowners get the roof replaced. 

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Water Damage 

If you witness apparent water leaks in your house, it’s a strong sign that the roof is no longer doing its job. This could be a result of poor installation techniques, sunlight exposure, weak shingles, or deteriorated flashing. Whatever the reason may be, it is advised to call a professional roofing company to look into the matter and get the necessary repairs or replacement, whichever is required. 

Saggy or Droopy Roof 

A sagging or drooping roof is when a roof takes the form of a wavy or curvy shape as opposed to a straight one. This sagging is often a cause of an old-aged roof that has not been replaced for a long time and has deteriorated structure. The structural problem could include heavy water damage below the shingles or a broken rafter. This again is one of the telltale signs that your roof needs a new replacement. 

Wrapping Up 

The roof is probably an essential asset of any house, and its regular maintenance is an understood subject. As soon as you notice an unusual change in the roof, do not assume it to be a minor issue; instead, call a roofing contractor to get to the bottom of the problem. 


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