How to Provide Summer Touches to Your Pool

When the summer comes, the good thing to have is the pool. With the weather in the summer, spending your time in the pool is such a great thing to do. That will be one of the refreshing activities you can have during summer. Also, if it is impossible for you to go to the beach, then the pool can be a solution for you. That is why, when summer is already here, you should decorate your pool so that it could be proper enough to use. Then, adding the summer touches will be recommended for sure so that you can feel the spirit of the season for sure. In this case, the summer touches will make the pool looks fresher and make anyone have a will to jump to the pool.

Anyway, when talking about pool decoration, you should not only consider the pool decoration but also the other facilities around the pool. For example, you should provide the seating that could be in any design. The point is that you can use them to rest after or before the swimming activity. Also, don’t forget to provide a coffee table to put the beverage and snacks. You can choose the ones that have the summer theme. then, providing an umbrella will also recommend if you don’t want to be exposed to the sunlight too much. Well, for the pool itself, you can provide the pool floats with varied cute summer designs. Get the ideas below!

Striped Umbrella from Candieanderson

Ice Cream Lifebuoy from Decorpad

White and Blue Umbrella from Thespruce

Flamingo Lifebuoy from Mydomaine

White Lifebuoy and Colorful Balloon from Shelterness

Colorful Balloon from Shelterness

Floating Dessert from Shelterness

Citrus and Lemon Lifebuoy from Shelterness

Pink Flamingo Accent from Shelterness

DIY Colorful Floating Flower from Shelterness

Colorful Chair from Countryliving

Blue Lounge Chair from Avso

Striped Ottoman from Avso

Blue and White Umbrella from Avso

Lounge Chair with Blue Pad from Avso

Striped Shade from Housebeautiful

Blue Side Pool Furniture from Thespruce

Jellyfish Lighting from Morningchores

Rainbow Lifebuoy from Morningchores

Light Blue Furniture from Trendir

Coastal Umbrella from Trendir

Striped Lounge Chair from Trendir

Light Blue Furniture from Trendir

Multicolor Floating Balloon from Architecturendesign

Rainbow Lifebuoy from Airtasker

Flamingos and Unicorns Lifebuoy from Airtasker

Unicorn Drink Holder from Airtasker

Blue Painted Tank Pool from Homemydesign

Citrus Lifebuoy from Homemydesign

Polka dot Ball from Homemydesign

Summer Mat from Homemydesign

Rainbow and Tropical Lifebuoy from Homemydesign

Flamingos Accent from Homemydesign

Colorful Shade from Littlepieceofme

Colorful Lampion from Littlepieceofme

Balloon Arrangement from Littlepieceofme

Colorful Nuance from Littlepieceofme

Balloon Garland from Shelterness

Floating Fruit Buoy from Shelterness

Lighted Floating Balloon from Shelterness

Lemon Pool Floats from Shelterness

Floating Fresh Flowers from Shelterness

Blue Umbrella from Decorhomeideas

Light Blue Lounge Chair from Goldenboysandme

Navy Lounge Chair from Decorpad

Watermelon Lifebuoy from Thespruce

Cactus Accent from Thespruce

Double Unicorn Lifebuoy from Trendey

Pink Flamingo Lifebuoy from Trendey

Blue Painted Furniture from Trendey

Blue Painted Furniture from Trendey

Blue Lifebuoy from Trendey

Round Citrus Lifebuoy from Trendey

Rainbow Lifebuoy from Trendey

Striped Tank Pool from Trendey

Blue Painted Tank Pool with Flamingo Accent from Trendey

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