The Use of Sustainable Products for Your Eco-Friendly Home Living

The sustainable concept is already known widely these days and the implementation of this principle in home decoration is also already popular. Basically, sustainability is about using items or materials that won’t harm the environment. It means that there won’t be any negative impact that will damage nature. We all know that this earth is already in a crisis condition where the trees are being cut down without thinking about regrowing them. Then, the air quality is bad with all of the pollution comes from the transportation and factory production process. With all of those facts, it is really important to implement sustainable products to create an eco-friendly home to protect the earth and our own health.

As we’ve mentioned above the production process can also damage the environment. That is why, when talking about sustainability, it won’t only focus on the material that is used but also the process of the product making. A product can be said as sustainable if the production process is environmentally friendly. In this case, you should be careful and make sure to purchase the items from the right factory and brand. We should eliminate the products that are made without considering the environment and support those that are implementing the sustainability of nature.

Besides the product making, there are also other requirements that you should take when choosing the product those are the materials, the distribution process, and the workers’ welfare. The materials should be chosen well where it can’t be the that will damage the environment. Then, the distribution process should be energy efficient, and the workers should be in good condition and get their rights as a worker. It won’t be easy to implement sustainability in the decoration but still possible for sure! Here are the examples of the sustainable products you can have for your house.

The sustainability of this decoration can be seen in the use of timber material that is applied to some parts of the decoration such as the kitchen island and kitchen cabinet. Reclaimed Timber Material from @homebeautiful
This house uses glass material that will let the natural sunlight enter the house to make this house sustainable since it uses less energy. In this case, the energy efficiency also becomes the focus of the sustainable decoration. Glass House from @nowness
Cotton is one of the materials that can be classified as sustainable. It is also eco-friendly and can be used for many items in the decoration needs. Cotton Rug from @si.len.cio
This plate is made of potato peels which can be a more sustainable choice rather than the plastic material. It is made by pressing the potato peels into the mold. This one is a zero-waste product and sustainable for sure. Potato Peel Plate from @greendesigns_
Even the blinds can also be made of sustainable material. In this case, the blinds is made of sisal material which can be a sustainable choice and aesthetic at once. Sisal can regrow fast and the production process won’t harm the environment. Sisal Blinds from @baliblinds
The table surface and the seating part of the bench are made of plastic waste which is really great to support the recycle project and zero waste program. No need to worry because the plastic material can be sturdy and durable enough. Plastic Waste Furniture from @smileplastics
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