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8 Creative Ways to Decorate Dining Wall

Where dining room shared to family, friends, or even colleague, it has to look eye-grabbing. Furthe…

Where dining room shared to family, friends, or even colleague, it has to look eye-grabbing. Furthermore, you need to be creative to upgrade its design without spend more budget. So, play role at the wall is the best idea. See the examples of dining room wall design below;

Aqua Dining Room

Aqua Dining Room


If you apply flower wallpaper, choose monochromatic chair to avoid crowded.  Aqua dining room can be function as healing therapy. Only by seeing this room color combination, you mood will better. Take advantage to boost your spirit every morning at this adorable dining room.

Cottage Style Dining Room

Colorful and patterned ceiling dramatically change dining room decoration. It creates wonderful atmosphere with eye-grabbing chandelier. Furthermore, you are free to add wallpaper for the walls. However, make sure will not overwhelm.

Craftsman Red Dining Room

Don’t be afraid of bold color for dining room walls. It makes them sharp to shows this room character. As a place where everybody will sit and enjoy the meals while talking each other, give them warmer atmosphere is great. Bold color is the answer.

Coastal Dining Room

Bring beach into your house by adding sea wallpaper to make this room fresher. Enjoy the time of eating in a beach illusion. Moreover, this dining room uses white rounded rug that feel like sailing at the sea. Don’t forget to give lighting to really feel like in ocean.

Dining Room Wall Striped

Though only simple dining room design, but take a look at the result. Bold striped wall in white and blue creates larger effect. This room built in small space. However, the paintings make it looks bigger and its actual size. So, don’t be shy with this old style.

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Yellow Dining Room

Get more free-spirit from bright color dining room. Yellow curtain works well with yellow chairs to create harmony. How do you feel? Is this a dining room design that you need to improve your mood today? Eventually, have a great morning!

Metallic Wallpaper Dining Room

This dining room tries to apply metallic wallpaper accent to add glamour effect. After that, rounded mirror hanged on the wall add a touch of vintage style. However, three lamps accents give more elegant look that make this room mind blowing.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Room

Reclaimed wood on the wall stands alone as this dining room focal point. It comes as natural accent among modern furniture inside. The room looks warmer at winter by the role of this reclaimed wood. However, adding an artwork in front of it add a touch of artistic value.

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