8 Funny Doormats You’ll Want To Show Off

Debris and moisture tracked in from outdoors can damage the floors. And it means that you have to sweep, vacuum, and mop much more frequently than you might otherwise need to. After all, the entrance to your home is going to be everyone’s first impression so you need a doormat that makes them smile, and your guests will be in a good mood before they even ring your doorbell. There’s a world of colorful fruits, kitschy animals, and charming, snarky messages out there just waiting to perk up the space on your front step. Check out these 8 funny doormats you will want to show off below.

1. Trap Door Doormat


Ambiguity is probably the best asset when it comes to warning signs. “Warn” your visitors about that “trap door” you’ve got. Or that you don’t have.

2. Watermelon Doormat


This is a cute summertime mat sized for standard doors. Definitely a seasonal item. It’s a natural product and designed to last through the summer. Cheerful as can be and the colors start out as bright as you’d like.

3. MTV Cribs Doormat


Delight your guests before they even step foot in your home with this funny doormat. Made with brown coir matting, this outdoor welcome mat is designed to clean your shoes before entering your home.

4. Hedgehog Doormat


This hedgehog doormat is just spiky enough to get your shoes clean.

5. I See London Doormat


You know how the rest of the rhyme goes.

6. Bonjour & Au Revoir Doormat


With this doormat, you can greet guests and bid them farewell.

7. Neighbors Doormat


This doormat will redirect robbers with this cheeky deterrent that gives burglars–and dirty shoes–the brush off.

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8. Sunnylife Rainbow Doormat


Brighten up your entryway with this rainbow doormat by none other than this rainbow doormat. Made from natural coconut coir bristles, one of the world’s most durable natural fibers, perfect for cleaning your shoes of dirt + debris every time you come home. Coir is moisture-resistant for naturally preventing bacteria + mildew, too.


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