8 Stunning Mosaic Projects for Your Garden

If you are planning to decorate your outdoor space with mosaic art, then you are come into the right article. Mosaic art can be made with any variety of glass, tile, or stone. Considering that the patterns can be as abstract or colorful as you’d like, your finished product will stand out. Attractive and colorful mosaics are also commonly used on garden pots, sculptures, pools, fountains, or birdbaths. Regardless of the location where the mosaic is used, the surfaces on which the mosaic is installed should be strong, dry, and able to bear the weight of the mosaic.

An outdoor mosaic can be installed in different ways, so choose a method and follow these tips to make your project go smoother. Thinset bonding mortar is moisture resistant and has a smooth and mud-like consistency which helps the tiles to strongly bond the surface, so use it to make a mosaic art. There are tons of quality sealants and adhesives on the market, but for the best mosaic result, buy the products that are specifically meant for outdoor mosaic making. Grouting is an important step in mosaic installation, so apply good-quality sand and cement grouting mixture. Outdoor mosaics need to be weatherproofed and waterproofed, so use high-quality sealants. Now check out these 8 stunning mosaic projects for your garden below to inspire you.

1. Mosaic Garden Path


The design of mosaic art is only limited by your imagination. This colorful mosaic path winding through a garden of flowers and water fountain, perhaps. This mosaic garden path is so artistic.

2. Mosaic Stepping Stones


Add color to your garden with a mosaic stepping stones. Broken china, bits of glass, stones, crystals, marbles and let your imagination determine what material you use.

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3. Mosaic Board


Mosaic art is not only about the broken china. You can also use a broken teacups or coffee mugs just like in the picture above. Make a mosaic board to glued your half-teacups or half coffee mugs into a vertical garden for your plants. Creative!

4. Mosaic Wall Art


Finding art for a big space in your house can be quite intimidating, and not to mention pricey, but not with this mosaic wall art. All you need is a broken china or ceramics and imagination.

5. Mosaic Stools


Dress up your wooden stool with a mosaic art to make it more interesting to look but still can be used as an extra seating.

6. Mosaic Birdbath


Give your buddy a cool place to have a drink or even take a bath. This mosaic birdbath is also can be a focal point of your garden, too.

7. Stone Mosaic Firepit


Again, mosaic art is not only about broken china, you can also make a mosaic art with stone and create this lovely and sturdy firepit to enjoy the summer night with family and friends.

8. Mosaic Concrete Blocks


This project is adorable. Give your concrete block a mosaic art to be used as a top of your raised bed. So unique.

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