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8 Creative Outdoor Projects On Budget

There are some houses with incredible outdoor features. We can see from lightings, patio, pool, gar…

There are some houses with incredible outdoor features. We can see from lightings, patio, pool, garden, or any other accents. We think that our house also becomes impressive when applied with that features as well. Moreover, have inviting outdoor living will not only a dream anymore. Just create some simple projects below that no need big budget.

Mini Flower Garden

Mini Flower Garden


Have whimsical garden outdoor looks incredible. Furthermore, this design brings magical sensation to your garden. Imagine some fairies fly round this little garden. Do this project with your kids at weekend to teach them positive activity.

Simple Modern House Number

Make sure the numbers are in a readability pattern. Don’t make it too dark. So, it can be seen from the street. Furthermore, choose a simple material just like metal or wood for letters to keep budget and looks natural.

String of Lights

Lighting is the way to create amazing outdoor living look. No need to worry, you can create eye-grabbing lighting in a simple step. Look at the picture! The lamps are made of Mason jar with variety color that will make you feel like in heaven porch.

Cedar Window Boxes

By using wood pallet, you can create a simple window box planter that will dramatically change the surroundings. Plant any flowers you like at this window box. Don’t forget to water the plants periodically to let them grow.

Beaded Wind Chime

Prepare a wooden log and give them some small colorful stones. It doesn’t have any noise, but looks beautiful when the wind blow them. This project will not take much time to do. Have fun with beaded wind came as your style.

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Stylish DIY Wreath

Green wreath looks great for any season. You don’t have to change it by season. However, this stylish DIY wreath will refresh your terrace look to be more inviting. Moreover, the grass can be got from your own garden. This is a natural and impressive wreath.

DIY Water Wall

Don’t throw your old glass; simply you can change it into a beautiful waterfall. Take a look at this DIY water wall which is made from recycled rounded old glass. Put it at the center of your garden and flow the water on it.

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

Fire pits on the table create different outdoor design. Good news for you, this tabletop fire bowl can be made easily with simple steps. Just prepare a bowl and add some pebbles on it. At the center of the bowl, put a metal for fire.

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