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8 Unique Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

Exposed brick walls, metal furniture, beams, woods, and steels are the characteristic of industrial…

Exposed brick walls, metal furniture, beams, woods, and steels are the characteristic of industrial room design. When you want to create industrial bedroom design, those elements should appear. Actually, you can mix industrial bedroom with modern design as well. Take a look at industrial bedroom designs as follow;

Bedroom with a Platform Bed

Bedroom With A Platform Bed


A steel element certainly becomes the core of industrial bedroom design as well. Moreover, the bedroom decoration exposes brick. This design is perfectly created for industrial bedroom decoration for warmer sensation.

Exposed Beams and Pipes

Bedroom with exposed beams and pipes don’t meant unfinished. However, they show the core of industrial bedroom design. Moreover, this idea gives your room eye catching vies with its unique feature.

Warehouse Style Bedroom

Brick walls make your bedroom warmer. However, you need to think more to decorate it. Industrial bedroom style may look best for a room with brick walls. Moreover, with linen textiles this girl bedroom looks so inviting.

Oversized Fixtures

Industrial room also deals with metal. Here, you can find metal-framed window and metal pendant lights. Those metals indicate industrial room style for this bedroom. Furthermore oversized window also makes stronger the character.

Old Photo Prints

Black and white photo print acts as the focal point of this wonderful industrial bedroom design. Brick walls and rug give more sophisticated bedroom view. Once more, black and white truly indicate industrial room design.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring works well with industrial-style pallet bed as a stylish bedroom ever. With this reclaimed wood used for flooring, the room looks gorgeous. After that, the idea of white soft rug gives more eye-grabbing bedroom view.

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Natural Brick Walls

Rather than painting the brick in white or other colors, it will be more exiting to let it natural. Pallet bed frame comes to complete this industrial bedroom decoration so far. Then, black and white prints acts as mind-blowing ornaments of this room.

Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf

Reclaimed wood bookshelf adds a touch of industrial decoration for this bedroom. Dramatically the bookshelf becomes the focal interest. Arrange your favorite novels, books, or just notes at this reclaimed wood bookshelf.

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