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9 Aesthetic Marble Tile Designs for Captivating Fire Place

Marble provides us many patterns and colors that will be amazing mixed with our living room design.…

Marble provides us many patterns and colors that will be amazing mixed with our living room design.  Fireplace deals with warmth and coziness. So, we need to get the best marble tile for comfortable living room. However, the marble should add aesthetic values as well.

Bold and Modern

Bold And Modern


Bold and modern marble looks elegant to this fire place design. Don’t worry, it will not going to be overboard because of the neutral color. Furthermore, the role of furniture brings this room into warmer sensation.

Black Marble Rivets Fireplace

This fireplace marble design looks great for you who have modern farmhouse style. Take a look at blends black marble which in combination with an iron-framed fire box. Moreover, the refine and rug play role to get perfect balance.

New Fin Black and Orange Funky Marble

Though this house is built in old-century style, but the fireplace looks modern. New fin black and orange funky marble brings this room into eye-catching living room. The texture of fireplace marble looks more elegant.

Contemporary Marble Fireplace

Try to apply striped marble fireplace for living room design is not a mistake. Just add tufted sofa with navy or other bold color for more mysterious look. After that, bright pillow and pouf come to add modern style sensation.

Calacatta Marble Fireplace

Calacatta marble will dramatically change your living room design with luxurious tone. White feature bolder bring this room looks larger and cozy. Without overwhelming lighting, this room seems larger than it actual size.

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Fin Marble Hexagon Fireplace

This room applies grey and navy blue which become perfect color combination. Those colors bring warmer atmosphere for living room. Then, hexagon marble tile creates focal interest that will attract people eyes.

Marble Tile Character New House

Subway tile marble is the way to add classic style for your living room. With grey color which looks calm and cozy, this fireplace becomes the most perfect place to rest your mind. A touch of simple furniture from this living room provides wonderful view.

Statuary Marble Fireplace

With diagonal frames marble tile, the fireplace looks sophisticated. Moreover, statuary marble add a touch of relaxing feature through its dramatic pattern. Overall, this is a great fireplace design for modern living room decoration.

Italianate Marble Mantel

Let us see how antique this marble for fireplace! This transitional living room provides Italianate marble mantel for creating mind blowing room design. Furthermore, a classic room let your mind to get adorable relaxing place.

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