8 Creative Ways To Use Bungee Cords in Your Home

Bungee cord is made of elastic strands and comes with a woven cotton cover. It is too durable to lift and hang weights over and they can also be found in every home with custom metallic or plastic hooks at both ends. The hooks at both ends makes the handling of different objects in home a much easier and another great thing is that you don’t need to tie multiple knots here to secure your items and objects. This time we have brought 8 creative ways to use bungee cords in your home or DIY bungee cord hacks that will make you learn about some more genius uses of bungee cords that would truly be life changing below. Enjoy!

1. Short-Term Baby Gate


This short-term baby gate is the perfect solutions using the bungee cord, fabric, eye-hooks and metal rings. A super low-cost and creative ideas to install a baby gate in no time for a short period of time.

2. Bungee Cord Garden Grasses Ornamental Trimming


Hold your ornamental grass bundles with bungee cord for amazing garden decor statements.

3. Bungee Cord Ball Organizer


Make smart use of bungee rope to organize ball such as basket ball, football and rugby ball nicely and carefully.

4. Bungee Cord Bulky Jar Ring Holders


This mind-blowing rack for bulky jar rings, totally made of bungee cord and with some metal hooks. A great and super smart use of bungee rope. Bungee cord can handle a lot of weight so this is going to be a great project to hang some weight over.

5. Bungee Cord Woven Stool


Use the bungee cord to weave chairs and stools that will last longer than usual woven furniture items.

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6. Bungee Cord Drawer Baby Proofing


Keep your kids who keep on pulling the drawers and taking out all the stuff out to make your drawers safety proof and you can use the bungee top for the purpose to lock the handles and make it unable for the kids to open and disturb your stuff.

7. Bungee Cord and Bike Hook Industrial-Sized Extension Cord Hanger


If you have some electric wires in your house and you want to store it safely from the kid’s approach then bungee rope can really help you a lot to hang it safely on the ceiling.

8. Bungee Cord Wall Hanging Shoes Rack


Just tie a piece of bungee top on the wall and tuck your shoes in it and that too as many as you like and thus so simply and nicely organize your footwear.


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