8 Simple Ways to Organize Tech Gear to Keep It Neat

Having everything organize at home is everyone’s dream. And no time like the present to get your gadgets and techie life in gear. To make your dream comes true, one thing that you should do is clean up everything surround your computer; old files, folders, etc. Be sure to give your computer a thorough cleanup on the outside, too. Keep everything back in the place after you use it. Check out these 8 simple ways to organize tech gear to keep it neat below to address the mess behind your desk with fuss-free accessories designed to simplify your life.

1. Tech Tamers


Conceal the cords behind your desk and along legs with adhesive organizers. Cordlets let you hold and direct cables. Power cables slip inside the Leg Cord Manager by Room & Board.

2. Color Cues


This tray masks charging cables and provides a compartment for keys and other small items, helping you organize your drop zone in colorful style.

3. Magnetic Attraction


Anchor computer cables exactly where you need them. The triangular MOS (Magnetic Organization System) suctions to flat surfaces. If your desk is a disaster zone, you can mount the system to your wall.

4. Split Personality


Downsizing just got easier with this sleek memory stick boasts two separate, retractable flash drives. Dedicate one to work files, the other to home.

5. Grid and Go


Hold small gadgets in flat organizers that you can slip into a drawer or bag.

6. Stack


Place one of a few of these see-through canisters on a desk or shelf and fill with those niggling chargers and accessories. Notched bases connect all sizes of containers for stable stacking, and airtight lids lock out dust and moisture.

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7. Plug Hub


This plug hub is a quick way to ID cords so you never unplug the wrong item again. Select an icon (or write on blank labels), slip into a plastic clip, and snap on a cord

8. Power Up


Gain desktop real estate with GE’s outlet-doubling surge protector that also features two USB outlets and a slim shelf for devices as they juice up.


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