8 Perfect Inspirational Ideas of Solar Water Fountain Pump

If you want to add a water feature to your garden, the Solar Powered Fountain Pump is an excellent choice. This simple, affordable fountain runs automatically off of sunlight. Solar water fountain pump does not have a complicated wires or environmentally harmful batteries, but the movement of the water helps keep standing-water pests, like mosquitoes, at bay. Anywhere you have direct sunlight, you could have a new fountain bubbling away.

This particular fountain comes with various nozzles, too, that means you can fully customize the look of the spray. From a powerful pond jet to a small burbling spring, the calming visions and sounds of a fountain are easy to add to any garden with this solar pump. Check out these 8 perfect inspirational ideas of solar water fountain pump below.

1. Barrel Bath Geyser

Large jet-style fountain in a converted Japanese-style soaking bath is made into a sanctuary through the clever use of a solar fountain in a vintage wooden soaking bath. A serene water feature is made simply by adding a pond liner and the strong solar fountain.

2. Bubbling Spring


In this garden, a fountain floats lazily shell-shaped bird bath as bronze birds look on. It has a Grecian style Aphrodite would be right at home in.

3. Sunflower Character Piece

A colorful sunflower birdbath is brought to life by a fountain fixed at the center of it, bringing a smile to any who walk by.

4. Ground-Level Kitty Pond


A lawn fountain is an attractive and useful way to keep your outdoor feline friends hydrated. Many cats prefer to drink from moving water. Besides, this is much prettier than a plastic cat bowl.

5. Flower Shower

Tall jet fountain nestled among the flowers. A whimsical addition, this fountain is tucked in among the flowers. The powerful spray of this simple fountain adds the sparkle of moving water to an already lovely garden scene. from a distance.

6. Frog Pond

Stabilized with stones, a strong jet adds height and charm, and draws attention to the adorable ceramic frog perched on the basin’s edge, and this fountain adds lively character to a young garden.

7. Blossoming Fountain

A small basin is encircled with false flowers to create this fairy pond. Whether on an apartment balcony, desert patio, or in a larger garden, this style is simply charming.

8. Blue Bubbler

A simple green space can become a retreat with the simple addition of a bright accent piece like this blue birdbath fountain. The use of the central jet nozzle creates a bouncing, playful water feature.

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