25 Smart Landscaping Ideas to Define Your Curb Appeal For Small Front Yard Area

Small front yard sometimes makes people worry to plant more plants. Further, they are in problem to define the curb appeal. So, create a great landscape for smart front yard is important. When preparing for a landscaping project of any kind renting an inert dumpster is a wise way to get ready for the coming debris. It will strongly tells the world which your front yard area is. Check out these smart landscaping ideas below.

Combine With Large Trees

Planting large trees actually already defines your curb appeal. However, combine them with some flowers around the tree make the design looks more inviting. You don’t only have beautiful scenery but a place for relax with modern vibes. Modern Landscaping Front Yard from @greenform.pl

Look at the idea of planting one type of tree in this front yard decoration, won’t it make it easier for you to do maintenance? Yes, you can try to plant a large number of these tall trees so that your small front yard will be more shaded during the day, another advantage you will get is that it will look more harmonious. Use One Type of Tree from @smallspacegardens

This towering and large cherry tree can be used as a shading area around the front yard area. Here you can add a wooden bench as a seat that can be used to relax with your family or closest friends, the presence of this tree also makes the outdoor colors livelier and more attractive. Sakura Tree with Sitting Area from @greenform.pl

Apart from being a statement in your front yard decoration, this tall and large tree has other benefits for its users. One of them is to make the area around it more shady during the day so that it can be used as a relaxing area with beautiful outdoor views and accompanied by a gentle breeze that makes you more relaxed and calm. As a Shade for Front Yard Gardens from @ginaholzdesigns

With A Burnay Jar

The “burnay” jar at this front yard tells more about your front yard area. You can see there are some plants and stones that already applied at this front garden, but “burnay” jar improve the look. Further, look at the arrangement of the plants used, doesn’t it look more minimalist ? Burnay with Some Plants from @yvonneyeerealtor

Artistic Front Yard

This front yard artistic modern decoration is complemented by a touch of red brick which is applied directly to the use of pathways. The addition of two cement pots that are quite large in size can be used to plant more than one type of plant so that it is more varied and not easily boring. Towering trees become a means of shading the area around it. Modern Front Yard with Red Brick Pathway from @prestigiousgardens

There’s nothing wrong with adding outdoor lighting to your artistic front yard decoration. Just apply this recessed lighting to the stone steps for a more dramatic appearance, you can use orange or yellow lighting so that it can be seen more clearly when it gets dark outside. Dramatic Lighting Front Yard Design from @joshuatreeoc

Create artistic front yard to tell more about your curb appeal by using pebbles and stones. This front yard design use simple plants to make this area appears appealing. Further, the way of arranging the pebble also looks inviting. Arrangement of Pebbles and Stones from @topiarius

Pruning plants with the same shape is often called a topiary plant, usually these plants have a round shape with a variety of different sizes. Apart from giving a more unique look, these plants also make the front yard decoration more artistic, complete with green and fresh grass. Topiary Plants for Artistic Look from @gardeningsydney

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Stone Slabs Edging

Stone slabs with the same beige color have a variety of different sizes and you can arrange them into an edging design in your garden front yard decoration. You can arrange it vertically with a predetermined height, its existence functions as a protector for new plants that will grow. Beige Stone Slabs Edging from @stephensons.create

Not only using stone slabs, now you can use stones with irregular shapes to be used as garden edging which you can design yourself according to what you have in mind. Arrange these stones into an edging design with a rounded shape which is perfected by the presence of greenery and grass around it. Irregular Stone Edging Design from @designingthedillons

This garden raised bed uses stone slabs edging in very interesting way. Hydrangea flowers with light purple and light blue colors add this front yard appeal. Moreover, this simple front garden adds beautiful view to your front yard area. Stone Slabs Raised Bed Design from @designingthedillons

With Different Colors And Features

Front yard will be more attractive if you plant some plants with different colors and features. Just like what you see from the picture. There are various beautiful greenery and flowers that fill the front yard and make it seems eye-grabbing. Greenery Planter with Growing Flowers from @bryansworkshop

A container plant with a fairly large size is planted with towering banana trees. So that the appearance can look more colorful, you can combine it with growing greenery and some lavender flowers which have quite bold colors, both of which will work well together to decorate the front yard. Statement Container Plant from @topiarius

When you have a small front yard, just use it as a gardening area. Here you can plant a variety of different plants and flowers for a more colorful outdoor decor. The combination of white, green and purple plants will blend perfectly. Hydrangeas, Greenery Plants and Lavender Flower from @urbanporchpatioandgarden

The expanse of green grass which is perfected with flower beds and green plants is a different scenery that can decorate the small front yard. All of these plants are planted at a fairly close distance so that they look denser and of course they will develop well together because they get enough sunlight. Flower Bed and Greenery Garden from @petramarie_btr

When you have a small front yard decoration, just use it to plant a variety of different types of flowers so they can grow and bloom together in time. When these flowers bloom, you will get a colorful look instantly. This decoration is ready to be made as the outdoor focal point of your home and can be seen as stunning by your neighbors. Colorful Flowers Plant from @mays.home.garden

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Mixing And Matching Textures

How about adding some textures to your front yard design? You may apply stones, pebbles, and some green plants to upgrade your front yard. The combination of those elements will make your front yard more attractive. Natural Themed Textures from @metalgardenbeds

Mulch is a planting medium that you can use in the front yard area. To add texture to the surrounding area, you can combine it with pebbles and stones that have a variety of different sizes and shapes. Just arrange everything in this area neatly to get the perfect look. Combination of Mulch, Pebbles and Stone from @missminnicole

Front yard garden decorations with a Zen theme usually use several stone materials of different types, colors and sizes. Here, you can combine gravel, river stone and wood accents on the path to your home. The fountain is an additional decoration that can be used, you can try it right now. Textured Zen Front Yard Garden from @horizonlandscapes

Add Big Ornamental Plants

You can use three planters with a large round shape to grow green plants of a large size as well. The planting medium that can be used at the top is gravel so that it can be found around your house easily. This planter pot is made of cement so it is more sturdy and does not break easily when used for a longer time. Big Cement Planters from @broadcroftdesign

Cycads are one of the plants that can grow well and perfectly when exposed to sufficient reflected sunlight, for now you can try placing them in the front yard area. Its rich appearance with splashes of fresh green makes the area around it come alive and brings maximum natural nuances. Grow Cycad Plant from @wildearthlandscapes

It doesn’t matter to play with big ornamental plant like big hydrangea. It tells more about your front yard area that can be seen even from far distance. This big plant is colorful and has pleasant smell. So, you will enjoy your front yard atmosphere. White Hydrangea Plants from @goodpathgarden

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Use Red Bricks

When you have a large number of red bricks, just use them as a raised garden decoration that you can try on a small front yard. Inside the red brick that has been arranged, you can plant it with two to three different types of plants so that they can grow together so that the final appearance you get will be more lush and ready to be used as an outdoor focal point. Vertical Red Brick Raised Garden from @creativeveggardener

This curvy designed edging made of red brick will add color to your front yard decor. Here you can decorate the edging garden yourself so you don’t need a professional to do it. These beautifully blooming flowers bring a delightful addition of color. Natural Red Brick Garden Edging from @garden_blog_usa


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