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8 Smart Landscaping Ideas to Define Your Curb Appeal For Small Front Yard Area

Small front yard sometimes makes people worry to plant more plants. Further, they are in problem to…

Small front yard sometimes makes people worry to plant more plants. Further, they are in problem to define the curb appeal. So, create a great landscape for smart front yard is important. When preparing for a landscaping project of any kind renting an inert dumpster is a wise way to get ready for the coming debris. It will strongly tells the world which your front yard area is. Check out these smart landscaping ideas below;

Combine With Large Trees

Combine With Large Trees


Planting large trees actually already defines your curb appeal. However, combine them with some flowers around the tree make the design looks more inviting. You don’t only have beautiful scenery but a place for relax.

With A Burnay Jar

The “burnay” jar at this front yard tells more about your front yard area. You can see there are some plants and stones that already applied at this front garden, but “burnay” jar improve the look. Further, look at the flowers that also add dramatic view.

Artistic Front Yard

Create artistic front yard to tell more about your curb appeal by using pebbles and stones. This front yard design use simple pants to make this area appears appealing. Further, the way of arranging the pebble also looks inviting.

Stone Slabs Edging

This garden raised bed uses stone slabs edging in very interesting way. The tulip flowers with red, white, yellow, and other colors add this front yard appeal. Moreover, this simple front garden adds beautiful view to your front yard area.

With Different Colors And Features

Front yard will be more attractive if you plant some plants with different colors and features. Just like what you see from the picture. There are various beautiful trees and flowers that fill the front yard and make it seems eye-grabbing.

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Mixing And Matching Textures

How about adding some textures to your front yard design? You may apply stones, pebbles, bricks, and some green plants to upgrade your front yard. The combination of those elements will make your front yard more attractive.

Add Big Ornamental Plants

It doesn’t matter to play with big ornamental plant like big Bromeliad. It tells more about your front yard area that can be seen even from far distance. This big plant is colorful and has pleasant smell. So, you will enjoy your front yard atmosphere.

Use Red Stone

Take a look at this small garden with red stones, red bricks and red flowers in one place. It sounds annoying, but the result will be wonderful just like the picture. Add more green plants to improve the view, so the yard will appear awesome.

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