Stunning Tricks to Decorate Your Outdoor Cement Pavers

When it comes to outdoor flooring, cement still becomes number one favorite for they can endure any climate changes. Besides, their gray distinctive texture and affordable prices give you additional benefits. Marrying them with other materials will boost their beauty.

To inspire you further, take a look at these stunning cement pavers ideas you will definitely love.

1. Cement and Grasses

Combine the beautiful soft gray with fresh green for your exterior ground. Finish the concrete surface with acid to create a clean coating. Build narrow paths among your cement to plant your ornamental grasses. The thin grassland allows water to be absorbed.

This is a line that will decorate your home in a modern or contemporary style. Each pavement made of rectangular concrete is equipped with green grass between the paving so that it will become an interesting garden decoration for you to try. This decoration idea will look natural and will make your garden fresher and more natural. You can combine it with the attractive exterior design of your home with a touch of brown and black so that it will create a perfect garden that looks elegant. Cement paver contemporary style from thespruce.

A new and attractive walkway behind the house is complemented by cement pavers and lush green grass. This is a very brilliant way to tie these two distinct zones together. Choosing a pavement that is rectangular and equipped with grass and gravel on the right and left will present an interesting garden for you to try. The acid coating finishes the concrete surface to create a clean finish. You can add solar-powered lights to provide dramatic lighting. Cement pavers and lush green grass from thespruce.

This concrete walkway is the simplest version of all the other walkways so it will provide an interesting room decoration for you to try. Equipped with green grass will make this path really in accordance with the times. Combined with several other green plants so that it will create a fresh and natural-looking room decoration. Paver concrete walkway from thespruce.

Circular cement on the grass. To create an awesome walkway to the home, this cement circle idea is perfect. Moreover, various sizes and irregular placement make this a natural thing. A few greenery and green grass will create a fresh and natural garden decoration. This decoration will create a garden that captures people’s attention and has a natural appearance. Cement paver with grass from diynetwork.

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2. Concrete and Pea Gravel

Marrying a concrete patio with stones is a versatile idea. Stick to the acid-finish cement pavers. Then, create strips between them. Pour pea gravel which is very easy to install. Plus, it is budget-friendly. For the pea gravel, you can choose white or black. Both will look amazing with your gray pavers.

Pea gravel adorns the walkway with thick cement blocks in the middle. The line is simple but has lots of authentic designs. In addition, this design will create an attractive room decoration for you to try and will create a unique garden. Adding some other greenery beside this path will welcome you while walking on this concrete pavement. Pea gravel and paver concrete from thespruce.

Give the cement path straight lines with a pile in the shape of a rectangle. Then, put a black gravel pie around the path. This look blends perfectly into a natural look. Coupled with a few greenery will bring a fresh and inviting garden decoration. Both will look amazing with your gray pavers. Complete the decor with large urns and garden lights for an interesting garden design idea. Cement path from thespruce.

Lovely garden with a gravel path to pies. To make this garden look awesome and take a walk around the park. This type of gravel is the right choice. Adding several blooming flowers and greenery on the right and left of this path will add a unique garden appearance for you to try. So that it will create a fresh garden decoration that has a natural impression. Garden with gravel path from onekindesign.

Irregular cement path over pea gravel. Whatever it takes, this garden path decoration looks so natural. Primarily, the path looks like a river line. For pea gravel, you can choose a brown color. Both will look amazing with your brown pavers. Added green grass on the right and left for a fresh and inviting garden decoration idea. Large pots equipped with several flower plants are the focal point of the garden. Brown paver and pea gravel from bhg.

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3. Black Cement and Bricks

A charcoal pigment and a black acid stain will give you stylish and sleek matte black cement. Wed them with red bricks for remarkable outdoor flooring. Play with any pattern you want while combining the two materials.

Clay bricks arranged in an interlocking pattern and with cement pavers in the center are the best route of all. It’s a budget-friendly manufacturing line decor in your yard. Combined with green grass and a few other greenery will make for a stunning and inviting decoration. This path will steal attention so that it will create a stunning garden view. Clay bricks with cement pavers from diynetwork.

4. Colorful Sea Glass/Pebble Mosaic and Concrete

Be fun and unique with this idea of sea glass or marble and the plaster. Build stripes of colorful sea glass or pebble mosaic between your pavers. Or, you can also make round shapes filled with the colorful sparkling items scattered in a beautiful pattern.

The perfect combination of these gorgeous circle mosaics is combined with the cement pavers for the walk. In addition to providing creative decorations, it also adds a pleasing impression. You can also let the green grass grow between the pavers, which will create a stunning garden decoration. This idea looks unique for low-budget garden decor. Circle mosaics gravel and cement pavers from thisoldhouse.

Whether you marry your cement pavers with grasses, pea gravel, bricks, marbles, or pebble luminous stones, each one of them offers you a beautiful outdoor roadway everyone will fancy. Add some charming furniture to make it more appealing.


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