8 Practical Breakfast Nook Ideas That Revolve Around The Kitchen Island

Before adding a breakfast nook, determine the size of your table. Place your tape measure on the ground and mark at least 36” from each outer edge of your nook (Place your tape measure on the ground and mark at least 36” from each outer edge of your nook) the minimal clearance for chairs to comfortably scoot in and out. Dining chairs are the forefront of the nook, so select chairs with a little more visual interest. Opt for chairs with a sculptural element, or an interesting texture. If you want a breakfast nook that revolve around your kitchen island, check out these 8 practical breakfast nook ideas that revolve around the kitchen island below to inspire you.

1. Breakfast Bar Table


Many modern kitchens feature this sort of breakfast bar table which is a type of kitchen island extension which a height slightly lower than that of the island and more similar to what you’d expect from a dining table.

2. Breakfast Nook with Comfortable Bar Stool


The height of the breakfast nook table is not always lower that that of the kitchen island. In some cases the extension is meant to be multi-functional with a focus on its role as a bar and it can also serve as a breakfast nook piece in combination with a set of comfortable bar stools.

3. Kitchen Island = Breakfast Table


In many kitchen space, the kitchen island is also the breakfast table. An island would usually have a solid top which extends a bit on one or possibly two sides, forming an overhanging surface able to accommodate bar stools or in some cases a breakfast nook bench able to sit several people.

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4. Hybrid and Multi functional


There are many ways to combine a kitchen island and a breakfast nook. Think of these two elements as being independent structures which are simply brought together and connected to form a hybrid, multi-functional piece. Sometimes they even have contrasting designs to reflect that.

5. Large Table


Some breakfast nook tables can be large. The size is relative to how many people usually sit at the table in the morning. In some cases this can be a regular dining table that’s either connected to the kitchen island or not.

6. Long and Narrow


Design the table as a sort of long and narrow bar counter juxtaposed over the kitchen island and cantilevered over the side just enough to allow 2 people to fit there if you don’t want the breakfast nook to occupy a lot of space in your kitchen.

7. Fancy Design


This is a pretty fancy design which combines soft curves and smooth edges with sharp and clean lines. Also, the combination of wood and metal is a very beautiful and practical one.

8. Full-Time Breakfast Nook


A common kitchen island counter and bar stool with built-in seating.


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