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8 Colorful And Inspiring Container Gardening Ideas

Container gardening is a fun and satisfying method for growing your favorite plants that does not n…

Container gardening is a fun and satisfying method for growing your favorite plants that does not need much space. Select the right pot with good drainage holes and have enough space to spread plant’s root. It is also important to choose the right soil and pick healthy plants.

Plant your plants in layers by selecting varieties that complement each other in color and leaf form, too. There are many plants that are more prized for their gorgeous foliage than they are for their flowers. Water and fertilize your plant frequently and remove faded blooms. Now check out these 8 colorful and inspiring container gardening ideas below and have a nice planting.

1. Elegant Container

For something completely different consider the ‘little black dress’ look. It is chic, modern and elegant. Begin with a curvaceous black container perhaps, adding shades of green with white accents.

2.  Wine Barrel Container

The tall salvia in the center gives the arrangement height and structure. The yellow rudbeckia steals the show and filler flowers like climbing petunias trail out of the barrel, unifying the design.

3. Rich Color Container Combo

Deep, dark colors add richness to any color scheme.

4.  Colorful Shade Container Garden

Make this colorful shade containers with Cordyline, New Guinea Impatiens, Caladium, Variegated Vinca and Wishbone Flowers.

5. Geranium Container

Container garden with spikey Greens, , pink geranium, multi colored lantana with pink and yellow, violet and magenta petunias, and cascading sweet potato vine.

6. Foliage and Texture

For a huge foliage plants, add a colocasias that’re so graceful and elegant.

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7.  Full Shade Container

Aim for a variety of foliage sizes and textures so that each plant stands out.

8. Unique by Design

Fill your large planters with unique plants just like in the picture above and this container gardening will steal everyone’s attention.

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