8 Extraordinary Garden Bench Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

If you have a large garden space, then you know how benches can enhance the design of your garden as well as give you a place to sit and enjoy your garden view. A bench can be constructed out of nearly any material. From wood, cinder blocks, stone, or even crates. The material that you choose is not so important; it simply needs to be a design that fits the style and the decor of your existing garden. Check out these 8 extraordinary garden bench ideas that will blow your mind below to inspire you.

1. Block and Wood Bench


Let’s make this simple bench made of cinder block legs and a 4×4 seating area that is covered with a thick padded cushion. This bench will work best when it is positioned next to a wall, and include a lot of pillows to make it a comfortable place to relax.

2. Bench of Branches


This bench idea is perfect for a garden that has a lot of wood features. The entire bench is designed from tree limbs that have been cut to size. Add a colorful pillows to make the bench standout, and if you have the option, colorful flowers nearby will add some flair to the design.

3. Pallet and Crate Relaxation Combination


The pillow and cushion on top make the bench look extremely cozy, and the crate on the floor is perfect for propping up your feet while you enjoy the great outdoors.

4. Sturdy, Relaxing Bench


This bench idea is incorporates logs into the design. The legs of the bench are evenly cut logs, while the seating is made from smoothed out wood that is stained to add beauty to the wood. The ferns and plants near the bench add a woodsy feel to the sitting area.

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5. Raised Cinderblock Bench


The design of this raised cinder blocks are extremely sturdy, and the way that it connects to the house gives you ample back support to relax. The pillows add a level of comfort and a stunning decor design to the garden.

6. Planter-Styled Bench


This one utilizes large planters instead of usual legs. The top of the plants grow through a hole in the wooden seating area that makes the bench part of the decor, and the red planters are a subtle, yet stunning addition to the decor of the garden.

7. DIY Planter Bench


This unique bench is created from planks of cedar; both sides of the bench feature a uniquely designed leg that doubles as a planter for plants to grow in.

8. Colorful Bench


Add a lot of color to your garden by coloring the top of the bench. Just paint the individuals 2x4s any color that inspires you.


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