8 Deck Railing Ideas to Banish The Boredom of Your Outdoor Space

If you have a deck at home, it is important that your deck be complete with deck railings to add safety for all your guests. And you need to choose deck railings that are not only safe, but also complement your home architectural design. Before purchasing the materials, check your local Town Planning Department on what type of material is legal. If the material that you choose is okay, find out deck railing types that suitable for your need; hardwood, wrought iron, glass, steel pipes, and vinyl. After getting the all clear on what types you can use, it is best to use a deck railing that has longevity, and complements the architectural style of your home.

Some materials allow you the option for various stylish designs, make a scratch to know which material can be easily manipulated to give you your desired style. Do not attach your deck railing to the deck surface, instead attach it to its frame because attaching it to the deck surface renders it weak and unsafe. Now check out these 8 deck railing ideas to banish the boredom of your outdoor space below to inspire you.

1. Lattice Deck Railing


Lattice deck railing adds visual interest and provide a barrier, too. But if you think that it is too traditional, try to personalize the space that still reflects your deck’s style.

2. Wood Deck Railing


For aesthetic deck, choose wood deck railing. Try to use horizontal slats just like in the picture above to create a backrest for a built-in bench for a comfy seating.

3. Mix Materials


Add style to your outdoor space with a little creativity. Choose metal rods instead of the typical wood slats that offer a color and material complement.

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4. Metal Deck Railings


For a modern statement, opting for slender metal deck railings. In the picture above, metal slats are run between top and bottom wood railings with wide wood that balancing a modern minimalist with classic deck railing design elements.

5. Solid Materials as Railings


To create a custom style, mix your metal deck railings with other unconventional materials such as opaque.

6. Tall Trellis Wall with Wood Deck Railings


The tall trellis wall is softened with a vertical cascade of vines. And a traditional deck railing offers separation between seating space and the rest of the yard, while a long container supplies a spot for interesting blooms.

7. Wood Deck Railings as an Extension of The House


Using deck railings as an extension of the house is a clever twists that also gets its visual interest from varying widths of wood deck railings.

8. Metal Deck Railings and Forgo Wood


Metal can be a great choice for a simple deck railing design. It’s sturdy, needs less upkeep than wood, and can often provide structure, support, and protection with thinner pieces of material.


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