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9 Magnificent Mediterranean Pool Design Ideas

There are some people who love Mediterranean pool design for their outdoor living. Overall, Mediterranean pool provided in rectangular shape. However, the existence of some details such as terracotta, fountain, colorful tile, earthy stones, and palm tree also characterize Mediterranean-style.

Lush Landscaping

Lush Landscaping


Builds in symmetrical shape, this pool doesn’t have to look over formal. Let see the beauty of succulents, terracotta, tumbled pavers, and pottery bowls that bring the pool design more eye-grabbing. This Mediterranean yard is amazing with the pool inside.

Mediterranean Pool with Stone Wall

This Mediterranean-style builds with stone wall as privacy that will make you feel save and free, swimming at this pool. You can see some details of pavers with ground-cover, terracotta, roses, and low bench that arranged well.

Spanish Bungalow

This petite pool looks larger because of high wall and hand-painted tile. With simple fountain, the pool looks more attractive. Moreover, Mediterranean touch looked from olive tree, fountain, and painted tile.

Traditional Mediterranean pool

Traditional Mediterranean pool deals with symmetrical shape. Furthermore, the accents of earth tones, pedestals, stacked stone, flagstone, and fountains provided as wonderful feature. When you feel tired after swimming, take a rest at the seating area will make you feel fresh.

Freeform Pool

Freeform pool builds with different shape that eye-catching and interesting. Further, earth tones with accents of bright colors are part of Mediterranean features. After that, the uses of flagstone with seating area also add Mediterranean details.

Madrid Mediterranean

White surface bring this pool looks luxury and peace. There are some accents that show that this pool applies Mediterranean details such as palm trees, seating area, and the furniture. Enjoy this summer by swimming at this pool and feel like a star.

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Hill Country Pool

Designing pool with bricks also show Mediterranean-style. In addition, the seating are with long table to make you feel enjoy, calm, and relax. This outdoor designed for the one who loves to feel the beauty of life.

Wine Country Pool

This outdoor living looks breathtaking with rectangular pool. Made from blue stone, the pool automatically included as Mediterranean-style. Syar stone veneered, custom tile spa, and screen walls accomplish pool design.

Private Courtyard

If you want to have more private pool, this courtyard may look best. The pool built at the center of house with Mediterranean details. There are irons, stone pallets, and stones in earthy color that completely beautify the design.

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