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8 Dorm Room Essentials You Can Find on Online Shop

Moving into your dorm can be really exciting. You can prepare for late-night study sessions and Net…

Moving into your dorm can be really exciting. You can prepare for late-night study sessions and Netflix binges with your BFF, and else. But don’t forget to decorate your dorm with something that reflect your personality and style that make you and your friends comfortable when spending the time there. Here are some of the best tips for sprucing up your dorm room. First of all, if you have small dorm room, try to go vertically. There is so many thing that you can do with your wall space. You can change your boring wall with wall tapestries, wall art and other accessories that become the focal point of your space.

Multi functional pieces are a must; storage ottomans that can be used as side tables, nightstands, coffee tables, extra seating, or even storage. Try to add texture that will give your space an extra personality; a shag rug with a chair as a cozy reading nook, or put a throw at the end of your bed to make it extra cozy. College is the time to explore your personal style, so be fearless with your decor choices; go bold. Choose a good lighting that can transform a dingy dorm room into a warm and welcoming one, and think of your desk as another opportunity to show off your personal style. You can select an accessories that are functional but stylish. Now check out these 8 dorm room essentials that you can find on  online shop below to inspire you.

1. Throw Pillow

Boost your dorm mood with a colorful throw pillow just like in the picture above. It is a great essentials that will make your bed extra comfy.

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2. Cushion Cover

Ward off any bad vibes by surrounding yourself with these cotton evil eye pillows.

3. Doormat

Leave the dirt and mud at the door with a unique doormat.

4. Wall Calendar

Go for a larger wall calendar version that will allow you to glimpse it all in one go instead of a desk calendar.

5. Cable Management

Keep all the cords for your devices tangled with this cable management.

6. Wire Wall Grid

Hang a wire wall grid as an inspiration board or for reminders instead of corkboard organizer. This board for a wall or sitting on a desk.

7. Mirror

If you don’t have a lot of wall space for giant mirrors, go on with a geometric or compact triangle one.

8. Headboard

Make your dorm uniquely yours with a dorm headboard.

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