8 Adorable Fall Window Boxes to Inspire you

Window boxes are a way to add plant life around the exterior of your home especially when you lack for garden space. So, no matter you live in a house or apartment, you still can have it. The good thing about it is that window boxes can be designed in many different ways. You can place it directly on the window’s edge or even hang it under the window. Hanging window box hat features an artistic design will look great on a first floor window, especially during fall season.

Window box is not a hard solid box, but it is a soft peat moss pot inside of a metal frame that is curved with a unique chic design and you can even incorporate gourds and other traditional festive fall items into the planter if you wish. Window boxes bring the garden up close and at eye level to your house, just think of it as miniature gardens that is easy to change with the seasons and highlight the best of your garden throughout the year. As you decide what to put in the window box, look to what’s growing in the rest of your landscape. The choice of materials can be as simple and low-maintenance as pumpkins, bittersweet berries, and dried cornstalks. Now check out these 8 adorable fall window boxes to inspire you below.

1. Red, White, and Blue Window Box


This window box features a dual-tiered window box. The top portion has blooms with shades of red and blue and white flowers that look lovely together. This individual planters is easy to arrange the blooms to your liking.

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2. Autumn Cottage


The orange and yellow flowers add the perfect contrast to the wooden frame of the window and the bold blue color of the home. The white blooms on the side that seem to be climbing up the window adds a quaint cottage atmosphere to the design.

3. Royal Window Box


The deep purple blooms and the beautiful green foliage displayed in this ebony window box are extremely elegant. The black ebony box creates the perfect contrast to the concrete wall and the white window and orange flowers would also be perfect in his fall window box.

4. Poppy Paradise


The green planter is green to add some contrast to the neutral exterior and the orange flowers in the box create a charming display that is pleasing to the eye.

5. Lavender Wisps


The small purple blooms that are gracefully hanging over the edge of the planter. The planter itself is a clay rectangular container that is designed to sit on the window sill, so the wispy flowers create a stunning design.

6. Daffodil Delight


The material of this window box is using metal boxes that match the shudders on the brick building. This simple bright yellow daffodils add a bit of color to the front of the home that will catch the eye of anyone who walks down the sidewalk.

7. Marigold


Marigold is the perfect flower for a fall window box. The beautiful foliage of the marigolds is lush, and the bright orange blooms are delightful.

8. Yellow Blooms, Red Bricks and Nook


If you have more space, don’t forget to add a simple nook below your window box. This bright red brick wall and yellow blooms harmonize perfectly and you deserve a seat to enjoy the view.

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