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8 Easy DIY Shelves That Are Totally Unique

Sometimes, we feel bored to see our home decoration. We are attracted to have something new or spec…

Sometimes, we feel bored to see our home decoration. We are attracted to have something new or special thing to refresh the room. Change the furniture needs more budget. So, we need to add or change something that can be made by ourselves such as shelves. Take a look these easy DIY shelves that are totally unique ideas below;

Circle Shelves

Circle Shelves


How about trying to add something new on your wall? Circle always look unique whether as furniture or room accessories. Here, circle shelves provide you more than you wish. Take an action as ornament and storage.

Copper Pipe Shelves

As the name, copper pipe shelves made of some pipes that are not used any more. Put a plain wood on the pipes and it surprisingly has become shelves. Then, you are pleased to put your most favorite thing on it. One thing for sure you need to have basic construction skills.

A-Frame Shelves

You need to get more ladders to create these DIY shelves. These called as A-frame shelves because the shapes look like A. Feel free to paint them or not, but let these with natural color will be more eye-catching.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

When you miss industrial revolution era, you can see these pipe shelves. Actually, you can make these shelves by yourself.  You can put anything at these shelves such as book, vase, or other stuffs.

Giant Pegboard

Locating a giant pegboard looks better than individual shelves. With this idea, you will see that your shelves become more organized well. No messier neither cluttered in your home if you make this DIY giant pegboard soon.

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Hexagon Shelves

Do you want to see something different on your wall? How about hexagon shelves? It is not only an accessory that will make your home looks beautiful, but also has important function. Just put on a pot, books, or even, vase that will surprisingly improve your room design.

Rope Shelves

When you have a rope and plain wood, repurpose it as shelves. Just make a hole on the plain wood and tie it with rope. Then, hang on the wall. Put anything you need to keep your room tidy.  Further, it also looks wonderful and tidy.

Belted Shelves

Have you ever thing that your old belt can be as cool as this? Even, it shows you a rustic vibe on one side of your wall. You are not only have an aesthetic shelves but also useful to save your things.

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