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8 Timeless Kitchen Trends That You Must Copy Right Now

Due to the role of kitchen is one of the most important room in a house, designing it carefully is …

Due to the role of kitchen is one of the most important room in a house, designing it carefully is a must. Take a look deeper at your kitchen appliance that will affect your mood. Rather than changing the kitchen design periodically, it will be better for you to apply timeless kitchen design. See further explanation below;

White Kitchen Marble Counters

White Kitchen Marble Counters


A white kitchen marble counter becomes one of the most timeless kitchen designs ever. Due to granite counterparts and simmering surface that never grow tired. This kitchen design will be amazing to apply for any home decoration.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most favorite colors for kitchen is blue. It makes the eyes feel calm and rise up our mood when we have to start cooking. So, blue kitchen cabinet helps us so much to be happy at kitchen every day.

Open Concept Kitchen Layouts

The role of open concept kitchen is to make everything looks fresh. Here, you can see informal dining table that make us can directly see what activities done at kitchen. Moreover, from the kitchen wevcan see pool or other outside room decoration.

Induction Cooking

We are here to make you save at the kitchen. Induction cooking let you cook anything with little heat and safe to touch. So, no matter how long are you at kitchen you will stay cool and enjoy your activities.

Large Kitchen Island

Large kitchen island means that a kitchen with wide room and we can find anything at it. Here, you can see kitchen cabinet, large dining room with open window. It has optimal light from direct sun at morning and enough lighting from lamps at night.

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Marble Backsplash

Kitchen with marble backsplash keeps you easy to maintenance it every day. Marble is easy to be cleaned and looks luxurious even for small kitchen room area.  When you add marble means that you upgrade your kitchen style and add aesthetic value as well.

Subway Tile Backsplash

We are here to see how subway tile backsplash can improve kitchen design. Though it is simple idea, but subway tile makes kitchen look brighter and fresh. Further, it is easy to install and look timeless.

Horizontal Cabinet Pulls

Horizontal cabinet pulls design allows your kitchen to look tidy and clean. Get your kitchen hardware matches with the kitchen appliance to see it looks modern and chic.

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